B&W Tuesday15 Apr 2014


“No matter if you are a bride, a wife, or a woman- the greatest person you can be is a mother.”

- Ansel Lara

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  Kristopher + Marion25 Mar 2014


When most couples are usually a bit tired by the time the reception starts, Kristopher and Marion are a different story. They could be the wedding version of Energizer bunnies. Not a dull moment. Vibrant, beautiful, and unforgettable.


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  B&W Tuesday25 Mar 2014


The secret to a happy shot with your entourage at the beautiful ruins in San Agustin, apart from cooperative friends, is a permit. :) When you have your wedding in San Agustin Church, it is not automatic that you can have a photoshoot there. So please secure a permit if you’re planning to take advantage of this beautiful place. :)


A permit is also needed if you want to use the balcony for a top shot while you’re walking down the aisle.

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  Erwynne + Marilou24 Mar 2014


Erwynne and Marilou’s kids were part of their parents’ wedding. They wanted so much for the pictorial to end if you could tell. :) But after some food and some promise of toys, they are happy to cooperate again. Each wedding is unique and we’re always happy to take pictures without some bribe. But food will make us extra happy as well.



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  Weddings TV Episode 719 Mar 2014

Thank you, Weddings TV, for featuring me and thank you for those who watched and tuned in last Saturday on GMA News TV. Now you can watch it on Youtube. :) Thank you again for your continued support and I hope my brief TV appearance was somewhat insightful for those wondering about what I do.

I’m featured alongside Printsonalities, Solaire Resort & Casino and The Industry Band and Manfrotto.


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  B&W Tuesday18 Mar 2014

kristopher - marion - 6521

And there was light- er lights. Beautiful lighting effects can be tricky to pull off but Kristopher and Marion got them spot on.

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  Ryan + Amy15 Mar 2014


Can you feel summer already? Some cold, cold Frappuccino would be very nice right after seeing Ryan and Amy enjoy theirs, huh? :)


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  B&W Tuesday11 Mar 2014


Google says the simplest symmetry is mirror symmetry and Wikipedia says symmetry is a sense of harmonious, beautiful proportion and balance. I hope I please both with this picture I took at the Shrine of St. Therese.

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  JR + Anj05 Mar 2014


Sealed with a kiss. Done deal. Settled. Finally. JR and Anj had the longest engagement and it was a big relief that they weathered all the storms to be together forever.

All worth the wait. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


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  B&W Tuesday04 Mar 2014


A leafy, dreamy hideout before walking down the aisle at Caleruega.

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