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  The First All 5D Wedding Video Shoot28 Feb 2009

Last February 25, 1986, the Filipinos gathered together to fight for democracy. It was an event that shook the world and nobody even dreamt that it could happen. 23 years later, something similar happened in the wedding industry.

Imagine 4 top wedding videographers collaborating on one project – Jason Magbanua, Threelogy, Bob Nicolas and Mayad Studio.


Jason Magbanua on 5D Mark II


Bong of Threelogy on 5D Mark II


Bob Nicolas on 5D Mark II


Fiel and Alvin of Mayad Studios on 5D Mark II


I saw a lot of these people comparing notes. This is Bob and Bong sharing techniques.


Jon and Bong are trying to perfect a shot.


Alvin is making a perfect glide track shot.


Jason used the 300/2.8 lens.


Ian provided the documentation of the team. He also operated the crane.


We worked our ass that day but nobody complained, in fact, everybody seems to be enjoying the moment.


We can’t call them yet masters of 5D Mark II but from what I saw, they are masters of their craft.


It was not a perfect day for us. But as we always say, everything happens is a blessing. Even though those 5D Mark II were not more than 2 weeks old, they don’t mind it getting wet under the rain.

The venue (Aquatico Beach Resort) was perfect but having one venue for prep, ceremony and reception is not friendly for an onsite video especially for that amount of footages from 4 cameras. They were only given less than 2 hours to do all the editing. There were 4 workstations doing different tasks.


They must have consumed thousand of packs of cigarettes in less than 2 hours.


Even though Ryan (Mangored) and Xeng looked like lovers that day- they are not. We were just exhausted from that activity. :) :) :)


The First All Canon EOS 5D Mk. II Wedding Video Shoot in the World from Mayad Studios on Vimeo.
“Handog ng Filipino sa Mundo” :)

This might be the first full 5D Mark II wedding video coverage. A lot of hard work and talent were put on this project and most of them did this for the love of it. I can already imagine a lot of ooohs and aahhs when they see the final video and that’s the only thing these 4 great wedding videographers ever wish for.

On top of their talent and hard work, they have given their hearts and nervous systems to this project- which is really a difficult thing to do. :)

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  Photoshop Actions27 Aug 2008

In my more than 10 years in using Photoshop, I still consider myself as beginner or at that level. All I do is contrast, curves, resize, crop and everything basic. I’ve seen several Photoshop artworks and I have no clue how to do it.

Anyway, I depend a lot on actions. Actions are series of Photoshop commands that you can save. Every time you hit play, it automatically runs. I find it very convenient for me, that’s why I’ve been using it for years.

I must have bought almost $1,000 worth of actions.

Just to show you.

Here’s the original shot from the camera.

This is a combination of Totally Rad Action Rusty Cage and Yin Yang.

This is a combination of Troy, Warm it up and Select of pop. Also from Totally Rad. Troy is from the new series called Revenge.

This has Yin Yang, Warm and Snap and the final B&W conversion is from Jeff Ascough’s Actions.

This post is mainly intended for photographers. I always suggest getting actions. If you feel it’s too expensive and can only buy one, get totally rad.

Most photographers I know are just waiting for someone to give them a copy for free but I don’t recommend that. If you are processing so many pictures a day, it’s worth every cent. Just saving me a lot of time learning everything in Photoshop is one cost justification already.

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