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  Roxanne Guinoo Maternity Portraits09 Aug 2010

Back in 1991, Demi Moore appeared at Vanity Fair completely nude which became an icon for maternity photography. Annie Leibovitz did a groundbreaking shot that spawned a lot of controversies but was eventually followed and appreciated by several celebrities. Gone are the days where pregnant women are afraid of showing skin during pregnancy but rather celebrating the beauty of an expecting mother.

This is my attempt to bring back the old culture and somewhat an anti-Demi Moore move for Roxanne Guinoo. No skin exposed, just beauty.

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  Brigitte’s Maternity Shoot29 Oct 2008

Brigitte is the ever-reliable secretary of Jason Magbanua. Upon knowing that she’s pregnant, we already planned for a pictorial but we were not able to schedule it.

It was supposed to be her last day in Jason’s office before giving birth, so we decided to have a quick photo shoot. Everything was unplanned. Anyway, it turned out great and I’m happy that the pictures were really “very Brigitte” :)

First, we made a beauty shot.

It really is that big but she can still move very fast in the office. :)

Sexy and innocent? No, we’re just playing with poses.

Again, we’re playing sexy here. We want to prove that being pregnant is sexier than what you see in Men’s magazines. Do you agree?

This is very Brigitte, very happy and fun to be with.

One of my favorites.

Almost same as above. Very dramatic. :)

I’m very excited already to see my “inaanak”. I’m a self-appointed ninong. :)

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  Minerva & Andrei’s Maternity Shoot09 Nov 2007

Minerva and I have been conceptualizing a maternity shoot 2 months ago but due to our busy schedules, it’s only now that we were able to do it.  They arrived at 8PM and we finished at around 1AM but the actual shoot was only an hour and half.  Most of them was kwentuhan.  :)


This is their first family picture but this is not what they came for.  They are not interested with the typical portrait shot.



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  Monica’s Maternity Shoot14 Oct 2007

Last Thursday, Monica and Gaddi visited my studio.  Monica used to be the lead videographer of Jason until she got married.  Here’s the result of our quick shoot.




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