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  Gene + Crisline : SDE Slideshow17 May 2010

This was the time I did a Photo Slideshow as part of the wedding reception. I don’t normally do this and I only do it for a reason.

Gene and Crisline wanted me to be one of the highlights of their reception program which I felt was not necessary and quite inappropriate. I’m just a wedding photographer and my job is to document the wedding and not to be a highlight. :)

After so many consultations with Jason Magbanua, I decided to do it. On the eve of their wedding, I asked Gene and Crisline to make their vows in 3 sentences and in Tagalog. (I can only think about what an a$$hole I’ve been, pressuring them the night before their wedding.)

Anyway, they did it and it was so beautiful.

Couples are not allowed to make their own vows during ceremony and my slideshow became a way for them to share their vows to their friends and relatives.

Gene & Crisline from Dino Lara on Vimeo.

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  King Gimp – The Wedding30 Apr 2009

It’s always a challenge for me to put words in all pictures that I do. (I’m grammatically challenged! :) )

Anyway, I put up a slideshow which is the best way to express what I felt during the wedding.

King Gimp – The Wedding from Dino Lara on Vimeo.

Put your headphones on and set the volume a little higher and start to FEEL.

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