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  Jeff and Marion’s Story15 Dec 2014

Jeff and Marion had their pre-wedding photoshoot in Angelfields with their chowchow Kobe, but what happened next will shock you.


Haha. Didn’t mean to do a clickbait on you but it’s all we could think of. This is just a little, fun project we did for our friends Jeff and Marion. Enjoy.

P.S. No, we don’t have a wedding video package in our rates, my friends. We don’t want to put Jason Magbanua and Bob Nicolas out of work. :)

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  Sunset shoot with PJ and Ava16 May 2014


Bohol is so impressive. This was in Dauis, a special place for PJ and Ava, because that’s where they got engaged. Animated for you because the water moved along beautifully with these two lovebirds.

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  Allow kids to capture moments10 Jan 2013


They offer a different and interesting perspective in everything. So please allow them to play with a camera. :)

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  What happens at 3pm?17 Aug 2012



At 3:05 PM, the bride is having her beauty shots done at a hotel.




At 3:24 PM, the groom beams and shows us his two thumbs up as he sees the love of his life walking towards him.




At the very same time, a couple is being showered by fragrant petals as they exit the church.




At 3:29 PM, a kiss is passionately shared to seal the deal.




At 3:31 PM, a couple is in the middle of the ceremony with the groom adjusting his wife-to-be’s veil.




At 3:34 PM, a bride is on her way to a garden ceremony, after finishing the church ceremony. Yes, some choose both! :)




At 3:36 PM, vows are being exchanged and guests sneak some shots for Facebook.




At 3:43 PM, some couples are already having their pictorial taken.




At 3:45 PM, a bride has just arrived and is ready to exit the bridal car.




At 3:52 PM, a groom is yet to wear his handsome suit.




At 3:54 PM, a couple may already be at the reception playing with their beautiful props.

Ideally, 3PM is a good time to start the wedding ceremony so there is plenty of time for a pictorial before the reception. In retrospect, be it a morning, afternoon or an evening wedding, something interesting always happens in this magic hour.

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  On cellphone cameras14 Aug 2012


Wow I’m famous! Just kidding. The groomsmen were actually taking pictures of the groom using their cellphones.

And then fast forward to our sunset pictorial and I found myself whipping up my phone just like the groomsmen.


Voila. My version of an iPhone sunset taken and uploaded within seconds.

Amazing! I’m sure technology will make it much easier for us to strengthen our power to connect.

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  Engagement Rings11 Aug 2012


It is De Beers that we can blame for their marketing genius that the ideal cost for an engagement ring should be two month’s worth of salary of the groom-to-be. Most people follow this rule, and sometimes other wealthy grooms even outdo the norm.


Knowing that a lot of money and sacrifice were carefully invested on these shiny things inspire me to make them seem bigger.

More than monetary equivalent is love. As for me, I like to amplify love.

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  Sunlight is on the way09 Aug 2012

The terrible rains we experienced in Manila dampened so many people physically and emotionally. But today, I’m happy that we experience more sunshine than rain for a change.

The picture above is taken in one of those pockets of sunlight we had in between rains. It still ended in a happily ever after way, of course. Much like how it is in life. Let’s recover together. Sunlight is on the way. :)


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  One11 Nov 2011

We only have one goal. Our goal is to produce pictures that reflect these adjectives:


Today we were bombarded with a series of 1s because 11/11/11 is a once in a lifetime date. Everybody had something to say. Everybody had something special to release. Some tried the numbers in the lottery. We are jumping the bandwagon here by exaggerating the meaning of the date. But I think “jumping the bandwagon” can be a rare opportunity to reinforce something. For us, it is essential to go back to basics. ONE GOAL.

(One mission? Visions of one sweet union? :) Now the Queen’s One Vision won’t stop playing in my head. P.S. It’s a great song.)

I hope you had a great 11/11/11. I was at a wedding so I did. :)

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  Tanduay Rhum Rockfest20 Oct 2011

Let’s take a little break from wedding-related stuff. I took the opportunity of being invited to this rockfest last week to take some pictures.


Before 6PM, the crowd looked like this.


Then, this was the crowd less than anĀ  hour later. It was packed! You see that steel contraption in the middle? That’s the control booth. Doesn’t it look scary?


The one and only Cookie Chua.


The cool people of Sandwich


Yano’s Dong Abay performed with Sandwich. This man knows how to use his body.


The Youth


Rico Blanco


The OPM (Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit) officers gave a toast to Tanduay’s support for Filipino music.


Two very powerful men. The bouncer’s stance commanded discipline while Bamboo’s charm and talent captivated everybody.


There was also Sampaguita. The crowd’s energy remained high even if the songs are old.


Jay Contreras of Kamikazee is a whole different story. He is magnetic. But the most unforgettable part of the night is this:


Jay asked Bords Burdeos’ girlfriend to come to the center of the stage so they could have a picture together with thousands of concertgoers. Suddenly she found Bords on his knees with a ring asking her to marry him. She said yes. :)

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  One for the books29 Sep 2011

This was the calm before the storm. It had been raining all evening. However, as soon as Pupil took the stage and Ely Buendia acknowledged our presence, it stopped. They started our mini concert with the song Disconnection Notice. I requested the song 20/20 and the Eraserheads’ song Spoliarium. They performed two more songs out of surprise: Alapaap and the Teeth’s Prinsesa (because bassist Dok Sergio is from the Teeth). It felt like a double encore. Pupil leveled up my humble birthday party. That’s why if I don’t get U2 next year then I can never top this year. This is one for the books.

By the way, the inevitable “I love you, Ely!” screams lasted through the night even when the JMDV gang was performing long after Pupil left.

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