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  Canon Photoskwela DPP 7th Anniversary on May 4, 201302 May 2013

I’m excited! I’ll see you there. :)

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  Huy Nguyen Workshop07 Aug 2008

Last July 23-24, I attended workshop organized by Wedding Photographers Network (WPN) of Singapore where they had Huy Nguyen as the speaker.

Huy Nguyen is somebody who always defies the norm. A lot of his pictures shows a lot of wit and cleverness which at first sight would be cute and funny. Well, he is really what you see in his pictures. He’s very silent and very laid back but when he says a line, it’ll always be witty.

I’ve been following his works for almost 4 four years now and somehow I was able to have a grasp on how he thinks and his mindset. My attendance in the seminar was a big confirmation of what I believe to be his style and attitude towards wedding and photography.

This is the whole group. Three of us came from Philippines, me, Andy Samaniego and Medal (the only lady in the class).

Here’s Huy in action demonstrating how he use off-cam flash.

I need a shot with an artist, a genius and a very fine human being. :)

As an added and invaluable bonus for me are the fun and very accommodating Singapore Wedding Photographers. They are crazy but if you look at their work, you’ll be crazy about how good they are.

Another scene where they are having a good time. I really need to spend more time with this group. :)

This was the most brutal part, we submitted some of our works to Huy to critique. I was the first one and I got tons of criticism from him. He just crashed almost all my pictures and show no mercy on it. I think I owe Huy millions for that. That alone exceeds the value of what I spent in my whole Singapore trip (including my shopping). :)

Actually, just on the first day, I felt I got my money back already and I tried to get more by asking lots of questions. Even during lunch and breaktime, I took advantage of Huy by asking more questions.

I’ve had my workshops in the past and I always feel drained and useless for the next 3 days. If I’m Huy, I must be in the hospital after the workshop. :)

Here’s Kelvin Koh, the lead organizer of the event. I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity.

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  Davao Photographer’s Summit29 Jul 2008

Last July 16, I conducted a seminar about wedding photo journalism at Samal Island in Davao.  We held it at BlueJaz Resort where I believe it just started its operations few months ago.

I was thrilled upon learning that there were 55 attendees in that seminar including some hobbyist and other photographers from other nearby provinces.

It was just a 2-hour talk plus an hour for questions and answers. After lunch, we had an on-the-spot shoot with models.

The mood was very light and I’m really hoping the photographers did enjoy my talk.

The models arrived around 1:30PM. They got stuck somewhere but it was all worth the wait. :)

All the participants were much ready as if there will be a war. :)

The weather was really hot but I have to note that we had exceptionally beautiful clouds then.

The hobbyists were equally ready and excited to shoot.

…and the shoot goes on. :)

I tried some glamour/fashion shoot. Well, the models were already good even with minimal directions.

There were even more excited to do some “wet the dress” shoot.

I really need to try this wet the dress thingy with my brides. :)

Some more.

Good thing about wet the dress is that they can continue to do some swimming after. I love the beautiful people of Davao. :)

All were shot with Ricoh GR II.

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  Librodo Workshop Part 229 Jul 2007

Yesterday, I facilitated the Librodo Workshop for One Workshop Gallery owned by Ross Capili.  Even though the workshop is relatively the same as the first one, I still learned a lot from Manny.  Being the facilitator gave me a chance to interact more with the participants and made my day more worthwhile.


I’m so busy assisting Manny during the workshop but I did manage to get some shots.  This is my favorite.


To maintain organized shooting, we have to put a demarcation line.  Handling 12 participants was very easy.  :)


That’s Manny in the white long sleeves shirt doing a multi-tasking activity- coaching, shooting, motivating, posing and teaching, all at the same time.


During dress change, Manny shows everybody some of his shots including his past works.  I gotta buy that Epson P-5000!!!  :)


Another Kharu shots.



This is another favorite.  :)


Here are the participants.  Congratulations to all of them.  Most of them are hobbyists but looking at their shots that day, you would think that they are all pros.

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