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  What I Do Best: Beauty16 Aug 2012

Dear Beautiful Bride,

Please forgive me if I will say in jest that hairpins need to be anchored deep into your brain to hold the veil. It is a recycled joke that always ends in laughter. A smile is generally enough but laughter is a welcomed bonus. It projects a subtle animation.

In this sampler of my prized beauty shots, you will see something simple and real. This is what I do best: to show beauty that radiates. A sublime mix of energy and character. Something dynamic and more than just a pretty face.

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  What I do best: COLOR02 Aug 2012

My B&W pictures are widely attributed to my name but I am also an advocate of color.

This is the result of a little Photoshop painting exercise. I added the colors for a more dramatic display. A spectrum of colors to add to an already beautiful moment.

Always for a bit of enhancement and impact, never for the sake of fads and cliches. Please remember the vow in my Gallery:

“I further swear to contact Dino Lara Photography immediately if I see any of the following: animalistic eyes on brides, obnoxious Photoshop effects, a black & white photo with a colored bouquet. This can only mean the website has been hacked.”

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