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  Dustin + Erika15 May 2015


Our journey with Dustin and Erika goes way back and also forward. Their Ting Hun was very traditional and beautiful. You can see their whole families so involved. His brother Delwyn and sister-in-law Tiffany are very dear to us being one of our couples. The Chua family’s generosity is something words cannot describe. You may credit my sudden surge of weight gain to them by spoiling us. You will see cameos of Dustin’s siblings doing a little pictorial with them, and even his parents. Also, we visited Dustin and Erika’s future home, complete with plastic-wrapped furniture, which only made our pictorial all the more cuter. Enjoy this story as much as we did. :) We can’t wait for their wedding later this month.


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  Lino + Puring29 Apr 2015


This particular wedding story is very different. It was a celebration of 50 years of togetherness. Puring is my dad’s sister. Tita Puring and Tito Lino renewed their vows with their closest relatives and friends. I was lucky to be a part of it. Actually, you’ll see me very involved- resulting in a lot of cameo appearances. It was a genuine celebration, cool and casual with a denim theme. Tito Lino and Tita Puring make everlasting love seem so simple.


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  My idea of a perfect Christmas25 Nov 2014


2 years ago, around Christmastime, Xavier and Andrea’s wedding was graced by Jose Mari Chan’s performance at the reception.

2 weeks ago, when I saw Jose Mari Chan’s name in the invitation as one of the Ninongs, I was elated. If he sang, it would make my Christmas season perfect.


But he didn’t perform. What he gave us, instead, is his full presence. Simple, not a touch of star complex. He is an admirable man. He came with his wife of 42 years.

I’m still hoping to watch him in one of my weddings, fingers crossed, but the Jose Mari Chan effect I witnessed will not be forgotten.

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  Tribute28 Jan 2014


This young lad is my bride Veronica’s shoti (little brother in Chinese) Christopher. If you see something familiar in this picture, shift your eye a little to the right side of the website and there it is. He brought not just one but two Dino Lara action figures to her sister’s wedding. It’s been a few years since we’ve had this on the layout and it’s the first time somebody actually printed it and cut it out. It proved to be very entertaining. I salute you, Sir!


I approached him before the wedding ended and asked for a picture so I have something for when he becomes famous someday. :)


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  The other picture08 Jan 2014


The first picture, to this date, has almost 2k likes on Facebook. In contrast to that shot, the second (unreleased) picture shows two other boys clearly awake and engrossed with an app, and yes with the two sleeping boys in the background.

This is always the case with the younger members of the entourage. They are either asleep or extremely busy with their gadgets. Either one of them is always cute to document. :)

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  John + Mel27 Nov 2013


We all know that in life, it’s the journey, not the destination. A destination like Dos Palmas Island Resort in Palawan, however, could make any journey a thousand times sweeter.

As if to amp the experience some more, you’ll won’t see a dull moment in this particular story. I guess when the bride and groom decide to wear Toms for shoes, it’s a clear indicator that the couple is set to have fun. Kudos to John and Mel!

There are just too many beautiful moments. I kid you not. Enjoy picture-hopping. :)


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  Kasalang Bayan sa BayaniJuan06 Nov 2013


In this particular case, there were 38 fairy tales. Their ages ranged from 18 to 53. Some have kids; some have grandkids. These couples had been living together for years  but they just couldn’t afford a wedding.

Thanks to Philippine Association of Wedding Planners (PAWP) and Bantay Bata 163 Laguna for organizing this event. Also, thank you to my fellow wedding suppliers who contributed their crafts and services. I have been supporting this program for years and it always feels fresh each year. Who can say no to love? This is exactly why I do what I do.

So please bask in the glow of their genuine smiles. Each bride was beautiful, and each groom beaming with pride. Stripped of grand accessories and trimmings, we can just concentrate on this unusual wedding story, which started five minutes before 9 in the morning. :)


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  Pepe + Mabeth20 Apr 2013

Not all couples who get married experience “the great romantic proposal.” Some decide together, plan their wedding and take the big leap without having to buy shiny engagement rings.

In this wedding story, Pepe decides to give Mabeth an iPad as a wedding gift. And inside the iPad is a video.


Brilliant, right?


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  Aldrich + Sherleen17 Apr 2013


There are less and less people who practice Chinese wedding customs. Most likely, if their relatives insist, then that’s the only time they are done. Maybe there is a bigger reason to follow these traditions. Only a few, however, fully understand them.

I’m not one of them but I would love to know.

Here’s what you’ll experience by viewing Aldrich and Sherleen’s traditional Chinese wedding  story: Thrown in the midst of vibrant colors and heartwarming black and white moments are customs like throwing a red fan out the bridal car, bride’s dad combing the bride’s hair and a tea ceremony before the wedding reception.


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  Teddy + Bunny04 Apr 2013

My Dearest Bunny,

I believe in marriage. I also believe that there is no such thing as a “late” marriage as it is all about finding the right partner. As with my life until recently, whether the one for you shows up should not really factor into enjoying one’s life to the fullest. God has his ways of making you realize when the right one comes along. For all you know, he or she has been in your life all along and you just have to figure it out with a little nudge from the Almighty. Which is exactly what happened to me. So it seems my single-blessedness is ending quite sooner than I thought it would, and my cup runneth over, such as it is. As for her, I would wait for much longer than I already have.


I thought I would share with you Teddy’s letter to Bunny word for word as it was very beautifully written.

A love story does not necessarily start when a man and woman becomes boyfriend and girlfriend, in fact, it can go way back. For Teddy and Bunny, it was 36 years. They have been in each others’ lives all along.

Also, how sweet is it that they also have an unconventional logo to match their uncommon love story?



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