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  B&W Tuesday15 Apr 2014


“No matter if you are a bride, a wife, or a woman- the greatest person you can be is a mother.”

- Ansel Lara

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  B&W Tuesday25 Mar 2014


The secret to a happy shot with your entourage at the beautiful ruins in San Agustin, apart from cooperative friends, is a permit. :) When you have your wedding in San Agustin Church, it is not automatic that you can have a photoshoot there. So please secure a permit if you’re planning to take advantage of this beautiful place. :)


A permit is also needed if you want to use the balcony for a top shot while you’re walking down the aisle.

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  B&W Tuesday18 Mar 2014

kristopher - marion - 6521

And there was light- er lights. Beautiful lighting effects can be tricky to pull off but Kristopher and Marion got them spot on.

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  B&W Tuesday11 Mar 2014


Google says the simplest symmetry is mirror symmetry and Wikipedia says symmetry is a sense of harmonious, beautiful proportion and balance. I hope I please both with this picture I took at the Shrine of St. Therese.

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  B&W Tuesday04 Mar 2014


A leafy, dreamy hideout before walking down the aisle at Caleruega.

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  B&W Tuesday18 Feb 2014


We are all for beautiful styling and lighting. Enjoy this starry night-themed wedding reception for Rolando and Isabel on their 25th wedding anniversary.

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  B&W Tuesday11 Feb 2014


One of the nicest couples we have and one of the nicest cars out there yes. :)

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  B&W Tuesday14 Jan 2014


Sometimes it takes an animated picture to explain how these professional photobomber birds do it.

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  B&W Tuesday03 Dec 2013

Runnin’ with the clouds. It’s amazing when they fill everything.

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  B&W Tuesday26 Nov 2013

In my Wedding Essentials feature about wedding destinations, I shared this:

“I’m happy we call this beautiful country our homeland because we don’t really have to go too far for a perfect wedding destination. Several wonders of the world are at our disposal anytime and our beautiful beaches are always magical enough to frame any wedding journey.”

The picture above was shot in Palawan with our bride Mel.

I think I proved my point. :)

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