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  Levy + Dahlg21 Oct 2014


Both very easy to be with; Levy and Dahlg are just happy to be marrying to each other.  :)


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  Paffu + Cyndee20 Oct 2014


Paffu and Cyndee are surrounded by cooperative and sweet friends, and it’s evident judging by the number of group shots we were able to do. :)


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  Moy + Cita30 Sep 2014


What’s better than 50 years of marriage? 51! Moy and Cita initially planned to celebrate Moy’s 80th birthday but I suggested they also renew your vows since they are celebrating anyway. It was awe-inspiring to say the least. Plus, their kids and grand kids put on a great show for everyone.

One big family affair and one big love.


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  Ryan + Ava19 Sep 2014


There is no rush to have the grand wedding of your dreams. Ryan and Ava are great proof of that. They have been together for a long time and with kids in tow, too. They persevered with great faith and they finally did it. God’s time is always the best time. Also, it means they’re in the ranks of Brad and Angelina. :)


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  Dennis + Christine19 Sep 2014


A little dance practice on the rooftop makes for a good pictorial. Another perk is when reception comes, all you gotta do is enjoy it.


Also, check out the female entourage’s colorful dresses. Good job, Dennis and Christine!



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  Alex + Blessy05 Sep 2014


Imagine how hot it must have been to be sweating in Tagaytay. In the sun’s defense, it was summer. Good thing Alex and Blessy’s sunny disposition kept them cool.

Notice the groom’s blue suit and matching Toms shoes for the boys and girls. They are just seriously cool.


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  Jopet + Yanie04 Sep 2014


I think this is what double happiness means. Jopet and Yanie are just very happy to be together, and that makes us equally happy to be around such great company.


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  PJ + Ava03 Sep 2014


PJ and Ava, simply put, are genuinely good people. To have such graceful hosts and a magnificent place to explore, that’s one heck of a blessing. Our team had the best time in Bohol and we hope to be back soon. Daghang salamat, Mr. and Mrs. Rayos. :)

Some notable times on this wedding story: 9 minutes before 11AM, you will see Ava and her special makeup chair because her sister did her makeup. Talk about major perks! At 12:38 PM you will witness a tender moment when Ava wears her wedding dress and realizes that everything is finally real.

* Although most of the churches were left in ruins by last year’s earthquake. Bohol will still leave you lovestruck.


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  Raymon + Gielyn28 Aug 2014


No hint of mishaps, no wedding boo boos in sight. Raymon and Gielyn just smiled through some imperfections, which is usually very minimal (and if you hire a good planner). If you do this, your photographers and videographers will thank you. And boom your beautiful memories won’t suffer.


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  Chris + Jaja26 Aug 2014


One thing we can’t forget from this day was when Jaja’s parents, seeing how Jaja and Chris had some many suppliers for their wedding, shared that their own wedding was very simple. They said that in the end, true love is the only important thing. It’s inspiring how they are still in love and enjoying each other’s company. No doubt that Chris and Jaja will treasure that golden nugget of wisdom.


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