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  KC + Francis03 Dec 2014


It was finally KC‘s turn to be a bride! She’s been my most diligent blog reader and overall angel. What an honor to witness her getting married to her beloved Francis. The civil wedding was at most 15 minutes. All the extra time we had we spent on pictorials around Punta Fuego.

Next year will be her big wedding. I’m excited to see her again. And again as a beautiful bride. :)


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  Bo + Poyen01 Dec 2014


It was, in fact, warm in Tagaytay the day Bo and Poyen got married. But with all the beautiful clouds that accompanied the unusual weather, we cannot really complain. Count on us to make the most out of it instead. :)


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  Jimmy + Tiffy27 Nov 2014


Simple. Heartfelt. Amazing people. Jimmy and Tiffy were a delight to work with, you just know when you’re in the presence of great people. Both are journalists who met in Beijing. You can just imagine the thoughtful vows and speeches. We are truly lucky to meet them both.


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  Joesan + Jacq27 Nov 2014


Good-natured and hardly the kind of people who seek attention. But the spotlight was to be on them on their special day. I guess true happiness just finds a way to make everything alright. Joesan and Jacquelyn just embraced each other and each moment and the result was, of course, beautiful and real.


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  Martin + Rina26 Nov 2014


We were spoiled at Martin and Rina’s wedding:¬†sweet and generous couple, beautiful surroundings, the best version of The Prayer. All the easiest, most favorable circumstances only for their special day.


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  Levy + Dahlg21 Oct 2014


Both very easy to be with; Levy and Dahlg are just happy to be marrying to each other.  :)


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  Paffu + Cyndee20 Oct 2014


Paffu and Cyndee are surrounded by cooperative and sweet friends, and it’s evident judging by the number of group shots we were able to do. :)


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  Moy + Cita30 Sep 2014


What’s better than 50 years of marriage? 51! Moy and Cita initially planned to celebrate Moy’s 80th birthday but I suggested they also renew your vows since they are celebrating anyway. It was awe-inspiring to say the least. Plus, their kids and grand kids put on a great show for everyone.

One big family affair and one big love.


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  Ryan + Ava19 Sep 2014


There is no rush to have the grand wedding of your dreams. Ryan and Ava are great proof of that. They have been together for a long time and with kids in tow, too. They persevered with great faith and they finally did it. God’s time is always the best time. Also, it means they’re in the ranks of Brad and Angelina. :)


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  Dennis + Christine19 Sep 2014


A little dance practice on the rooftop makes for a good pictorial. Another perk is when reception comes, all you gotta do is enjoy it.


Also, check out the female entourage’s colorful dresses. Good job, Dennis and Christine!



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