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  Film vs Digital27 Oct 2005

Oh yes. Film vs Digital is still very much alive.

A photographer in Colorado still teaches Black & White Darkroom process. It is the only professional way to do lasting prints. It’s true except for the word “only.” There have been a lot of research already that digital will last for 200 years but we need to qualify that. If done professionally, be it darkroom or digital, it will last. For reference, click here.

For more than 4 years now, I always encounter so-called experts that don’t believe in digital. I have no problem on what they want to believe, I just hope they don’t speculate on something they don’t know about. Saying digital won’t last is a clear speculation.

Here are some myths I found about digital.

1. Digital prints will fade. – That’s not all true. Technology has reached the point that digital prints can last for 200 years.

2. Film is still better than Digital. – Not true again. However, digital doesn’t make it any better. They are simply different. Choose what is best for you.

3. All digital are all the same. – Digital has so many variables such as resolution, dynamic range, saturation, etc.

For me, digital is the way for me to do my art. However, everything I want to do in digital is also doable in film. It’s just that digital is more convenient for my workflow.

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