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  Manila Cathedral’s permit to shoot22 Nov 2005

I just renewed my permit at Manila Cathedral last Friday. They said that permit is now good for 6 months. That’s good because previously, permits are only good for 3 months. It is a very nice concept because they can control the photographers covering the wedding there. Whether we like or not, there would still be few photographers who would not respect the solemnity of the sacrament. One rude photographer can put a mark on the whole wedding photography industry.

This policy is also applicable to coordinators, musicians and other wedding suppliers.

One needs to attend a seminar before getting the permit. During our seminar last July, all rules have been explained to us extensively. All my questions were answered except for one.

“If the couple wants to bring in their own priest, should that priest also attend the seminar?” The answer was NO. Their reason was priests might be too busy or might come from the province. I didn’t accept that because we’re busy too and some photographers come from the province also. We had a small debate but still it was unanswered. I hope I’m not just trying to be smart but I really do believe it is a valid question.

I also must credit the staff of Manila Cathedral. They have been very nice to us. Three years ago, they had very rude staff.

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