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  Admired by Beckstead30 Aug 2006

David Beckstead is one of my favorite wedding photographers.  He never ran out of concepts for wedding photography.  No wonder he became the Photographer of the Year 2002 at

He is currently compiling images from different wedding photographers in his alternate website (  I got lucky that one of my image got included there.

Shameless plug.  :)

Please visit us at PICC Forum this Sept 2-3 Wedding Expo 9th Edition.  You can get to avail of the special package offered just for the event.

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  Photo Editing08 Aug 2006

One of the advantages of working on a digital photo is the convenience when editing. In the old days, you have to have a darkroom and a lot of patience to do a simple manipulation. Today, a lot of patience is still required but some people thought having a computer and a photo editor makes everything easy. True enough, those photo editors like Photoshop have so much capabilities to make the life of a photographer very easy.  But they are just tools and will remain as tools.

In some cases, photographers forget to be an artist when doing some manipulation. They manipulate for the sake of manipulation and not because the photo needs it. Even a big photo company can be a victim.

Read this.

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