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  Multiple Choice05 Sep 2006

From grade school up to college, I always hate it when taking exams. It’s either I fail or I barely passed. Very rarely that I perfected an exam. I hate it when the exam is multiple choice. Why? I am given 4 or 5 choices and only one is correct. That means, I have only 20-25% chance of being correct. Isn’t it unfair?

I also don’t understand why are we trained to think that there is only one answer for every question. For so long I believed in that because that how my school trained me but only until I realized I am an artist. Now, I always tell myself that for every question, there are at least four possible correct answers. It is just a matter of finding one of them. I don’t have to know all of them, all at the same time.

Sometimes, I get to be early in the prep room and find my bride still in rollers. As always, my bride won’t let me shoot her because it’s not glamourous. Is it really unglamorous? Don’t I have a choice?


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