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  Certified Wedding Photographer11 Oct 2006

Quarterly, WPPP hold a photo contest among members. The objective of the photo contest is to uplift the skills of each member. First place get 1.5 points, 2nd get 1 point and 3rd get 0.5 points. The one who get most points for the year is declared Photographer of the Year. Anyone who reach 20 points is declared Certified Wedding Photographer.

I am very proud to announce that last March, I am the first to garner 20 points. Last October 9, WPPP awarded me the title during the Photographer’s night. It took me almost five years to achieve it. Earning it was not easy, it took a lot of hard work over those years.

What does Certified Wedding Photographer title mean? All WPPP members are capable of delivering spectacular images. Photo contest is a way to measure each member’s capabilities. It was set on 20 points to ensure the consistency. It’s not anymore about luck.

Please let me give you my thank you speech. :)

I’d like to thank my couples who have been a bit part of this title. Letting me capture those little moments actually gave me the title. I am also very fortunate to have a very wonderful team who have been always there since I started. Best of all, I have a great family to continually inspire me.

As I always say, wedding photography is not about camera and its setting, it’s not about technology and capabilities. moreso, it’s not about money and fame. It’s about a certain discipline that is within one person’s heart, a unique attitude and an artist’s creative mindset. Enriching those makes you a great wedding photographer.

I got speechless when I received the award. All I said was Thank You. :)

award 1

Jason was also awarded for his achievements in the International Competition (WEVA).

awards 2

Jason’s wife Pang and my wife Florian were there to support us.

awards 2

Our pala.  :)

awards 2

I didn’t know what to say that time.  :)

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  What is a Classic?06 Oct 2006

“A true classic, as I should like to hear it defined, is an author who has enriched the human mind, increased its treasure, and caused it to advance a step; who has discovered some moral and not equivocal truth, or revealed some eternal passion in that heart where all seemed known and discovered; who has expressed his thought, observation, or invention, in no matter what form, only provided it be broad and great, refined and sensible, sane and beautiful in itself; who has spoken to all in his own peculiar style, a style which is found to be also that of the whole world, a style new without neologism, new and old, easily contemporary with all time.”

Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve-

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