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  Wedding Photography & Telecoms27 Apr 2007

Do they have anything in common? I’m not sure. Is it worth comparing? Maybe not. But let me give you my thoughts…

I came from the telecommunications industry and spent 10 years there. In my perspective, they have similarities.

Competition. There’s a common saying that Globe and Smart are killing each other. It’s quite obvious because we see them in the newspaper everyday. Both are offering the best price possible. Sun is coming from behind but is offering their services almost free. From the regular consumer’s point of view, this is good because it immediately translates to savings. If you go to a bridal fair, most of the time, photography has the most number of exhibitors. Each of them giving the best packages – sometimes, video services are given for free. You’ll commonly hear also that we’re killing each other.

Innovation. We’re seeing an endless tail of innovation being offered by telecom companies. Philippines is not far behind from other countries. Smart and Globe already won some international awards in offering innovative products. In some cases, we have more updated cellphones in the market than in other countries. We, photographers here use the same equipment as in other countries. Several photographers win in International competitions. In my opinion, those local photographers offering photo-video services at the P35K price range are far better than photographers in US offering $2000. How far? Miles and miles!

Business Mortality. Ten years ago, there were 11 major telecom companies competing. Now, it’s only Smart, Globe and Sun. Back then, I saw PLDT as a God. The objective then was to be no. 2. I was in Globe that time and we were confident because we have Ayala and Singtel. When I transfered to Smart in 1996, Smart was still behind Piltel but my boss Dave Fernando (co-founder of Smart) always said that he’ll take over PLDT. I didn’t believe him, in fact, I was laughing inside. I was VERY WRONG. He could be laughing to death at me already. Anyway, I’m a photographer now so I really don’t care anymore. :) For several years, Bob’s IS the photographer. Then came some other photographers. Seven years ago, I joined the industry. Some of those who are active that time are either less active now or totally left the industry. Because we’re smaller in scale, mortality is higher.

What am I really trying to say? There are other points I want to discuss but it’s useless because why would you compare telecoms to wedding photography industry in the first place? :)

But look at it this way. Profit drives innovation. Innovation drives efficiency and supply. Efficiency and supply drives prices to go down without hurting the profit. It’s a cycle. We cannot break it. Nobody should break it or else they will be out of the loop instantly. Those photographers who are lowering their prices for the sake of getting a client is in danger. Those who don’t innovate are also in danger. Those who don’t know the real sense of profit are also in danger.

Two days ago I was talking to an equipment supplier, and she’s expressing her disappointment to some photographers who were not able to pay their equipment loans. Some months ago, Kodak was very alarmed to know that some printers were having difficulty collecting payments from some photographers too. This is sad because there are still photographers who can’t cope up with the cycle or they are not aware of the cycle. Unfortunately, some of them will have to go. :(

On the positive side, digital camera prices continue to drop. This will make other photographers easy to enter the industry and hopefully they’ll be here to stay.

This is a serious post and somehow points out something (good and bad) in the industry. You can disagree with me. But before you give me your violent reactions, please remember I’m just a photographer. I’m Mr. Nice Guy. :)

In all seriousness, all I just want to say is, like Jason Magbanua, I’m also fully booked already for 2007. Thank you for keeping us in the cycle and we wish to stay long as possible. We also want to express our deepest regret to those whom we turned down because of our unavailability. We also have more weddings booked as of today for 2008 than the same date last year for 2007. Again, Thank you very much for trusting us. :)

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  Paraskavedekatriaphobia13 Apr 2007

Do you have this kind of fear?

If you’re afraid of what can happen today, then, most probably you have this phobia. That’s quite normal since anxiety is never rational.

In my case, today is a day of celebration. Today is my father and mother’s birthday. That’s right, they were born on the same date but different year. :) I need to research a good restaurant for tonight’s dinner.

Meanwhile, what if I just sleep and take a day-off? :)

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