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  Vespa31 May 2007

I got a chance to shoot a Vespa in my last wedding.  I don’t know much about it although I find it cute and a very good element for a wedding pictorial.


I believe there are very few units here in the Philippines.  This actual unit is a 1958 model.  All components were fully restored using original parts.  While the cost of restoring is really expensive, but the real challenge is acquiring it.  It requires time, effort and a lot of research which is more expensive.


Being in front of a BMW car, I didn’t see it as an inferior motor vehicle.  It has a class of its own.


I hope to shoot one these again.  :)

Perfect for having something old that doesn’t look old.

Check out John Rana‘s website about Vespa here.

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  John + Gabbi29 May 2007

May 27, 2007

umbrella shot

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Gabbi portrait

high key shot

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  Anti-bridal shoot24 May 2007

Mall of asia shoot

When taking a good shot, the photographer should follow some simple rules.  Look for a nice background, place the subject a little off-center, focus and shoot.  Anyone can’t go wrong with that.

Here, I looked for a dirty background and shoot.

What’s the logic?  I also follow the simple rules which I call them safe shots.  Once I got those, it’s time for me play and look for a different concept.  It’s time for me to forget the historical bridal portrait standards.   :)

Good photographs simply follow the rules.

Great Photographs break the rules.

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  Benedict + Marichelle21 May 2007

May 20, 2007

pictorial at intramuros

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  Rene + Joanne19 May 2007

May 18, 2007

caleruega parking

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