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  Find the Light22 Jun 2007

Black & White Photography is mostly about light and shadow.  I said mostly because there are several factors.  But first, look for the light and shadow when shooting for Black & White.  You have to train your eyes not to be distracted by colors.

Once you see a good reaction, make it as your main focus.  Burning in the darkroom further enhances the overall look.  It looks like there was a spotlight on her.


Here you see dramatic light coming from the left side thus producing heavy shadows.  The patterns of hands makes more interesting.


This is another spot lighting.  Dodging and burning in the darkroom created the mood wherein you see the flowergirl watching the bride.  The texture of the veil added to the drama.

Looking at the pictures, did you miss the colors?  Probably not?  Did you find it too dark?  Most likely not because there’s enough light on your main subject.

In summary, first find the light.  See if there’s interesting shadows created by the light.  The other factors you will need are patterns, textures, and reaction.  If you got all those, who needs  color?  :)

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  Richard + Leah18 Jun 2007

June 16, 2007


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  Framed Artwork17 Jun 2007


Last December, I bought a headboard for our bed.  It was a huge headboard made of Kamagong.  It was really beautiful however, above it is a big blank space.  So I thought of getting a nice painting to cover that space.   I looked for a painting in Megamall and Glorietta but I didn’t know that acquiring a painting is not that easy and very expensive.  During the search, I fell in love with the works of Malang and BenCab and   I am willing to pay for it however, my budget would only allow me to buy the smaller paintings.

I got my camera and had my two kids in my studio for a shoot.  In 10-minutes, I was able to produce the picture above.  I had it printed 30X46 inches and framed it.  It cost me quite a lot to do it but it was all worth it when I finally hang it on my wall.

I am not saying that it’s better than Malang or BenCab’s work but it is – in my book.

Every time I see the picture, I feel they are my trophy.  It always amazes me to think that I have two very sweet and intelligent kids.  I may ran out great words to describe them and even sometimes I call them “devils” of my life but still, they are little devils in a good way.

All I’m saying is today is Father’s Day.  Looking at my kids makes me feel the real Father in me and always reminds me to remain a Father to them all my life.



These other two shots are some of the outtakes during the pictorial.  They are also printed in 4X6 size and framed.

To all Fathers,  today is our day!

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  Father Blanco’s Ruins14 Jun 2007

I shot a wedding last June 10 at San Agustin and as usual we did a pictorial at Father Blanco’s ruins.  Unfortunately, it is being renovated so the pictorial was limited in the inner courtyard.  It’s not a problem really because there’s so much we can still do in that area.


I was very tempted to do a pictorial there even with the construction going on.  That would have been a good opportunity since the construction will only be there for sometime.   I’m just afraid of ruining the bride’s beautiful Veluz gown.  That would have been Veluz Gown Ruined.  :) BTW, Veluz did another spectacular gown that day.  :)

Maybe next time.  If you don’t mind the risk and if the guard would let us, I’d like to document it with a bridal pictorial.

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  Jeff + Shannie07 Jun 2007

June 1, 2007


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  “Will You Marry Me?”04 Jun 2007

I’m not asking but it’s the sweetest question I heard lately in one of my weddings.  Here’s the story.

erci and bing preparing

Bing is the sister of Lek and Eric is her boyfriend.  They were busy earlier on that day helping the preparation.


Like most couples, they looked very natural together especially on those candid moments.


As part of the wedding traditions, they participated in the garter and bouquet game.


Of all people, they got matching strings.  It’s easy to think that it is a “planned coincidence”.  :)  But I see that in most weddings.


While putting the garter, Paolo (host) interrupted Eric if he want to say something or ask permission from the parents if he can put on the garter.


Instead Eric gave all the praises how wonderful Bing is and obviously he want to broadcast those everything to the whole world.  I am waiting for him to crack a joke on asking a permission.  However… he reached to his pocket and got something shiny.  :)


…and the “QUESTION” pops.



There you go, the newly engaged couple – Eric and Bing.

In my seven years as a wedding photographer, I never witnessed something like that.  The wedding of Lek and Nikki is one of my most memorable weddings.  Mainly because of the proposal – but there’s also Vespa, cute kids, fun couple and a lot more.

These kinds of experiences makes us more competent in our work.  It makes all our hard work worth it.  If executives in big companies get all outrageous perks, as a photographer, we get these which I think are more meaningful.

Again, to Lek and Nikki and especially to Eric and Bing, Thank you very much for the experience!  I love my job!!!

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  P for Professional02 Jun 2007

If you own a digital camera (DSLR) or the more advanced point and shoot, you’ll find the label M, A, T, P.  P is for program wherein the camera decide what settings to use. T is shutter priority wherein you decide the shutter speed and the camera decides which aperture.  A is the reverse of T wherein you decide the aperture and the camera decide which shutter speed.  M is for manual wherein you decide both the aperture setting and shutter speed.

In my opinion, cameras nowadays are very smart and has a very high probability of getting the shot right on its own.  There is a school of thought that the photographer should decide and not the camera.  True.  But to capture a scene, there is so much to decide on, so if you have a smart tools, it will help a lot.

In my case, I rely so much of Program and Aperture priority settings.  I trust my camera enough that it will produce a good exposure.  I concentrate more on timing, composition and angle.  Those three cannot be determined by the most advanced cameras available in the planet.




All these three shots were using P or Program.  In those split second moments, I don’t have time to decide which aperture and shutter to use but I concentrated more on synching my index finger, my eyes, my brain and camera angle.

Just a caution, while P is 90% reliable, you got to know when it is not reliable.  That 10% might be costly.

That’s my technique why I’m very good at capturing moments.  I’m very good at timing and I’m not distracted by technicalities of photography.

Just like music, timing is the heart of it.  In my photography, my heart does the timing.

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