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  Librodo Workshop Part 229 Jul 2007

Yesterday, I facilitated the Librodo Workshop for One Workshop Gallery owned by Ross Capili.  Even though the workshop is relatively the same as the first one, I still learned a lot from Manny.  Being the facilitator gave me a chance to interact more with the participants and made my day more worthwhile.


I’m so busy assisting Manny during the workshop but I did manage to get some shots.  This is my favorite.


To maintain organized shooting, we have to put a demarcation line.  Handling 12 participants was very easy.  :)


That’s Manny in the white long sleeves shirt doing a multi-tasking activity- coaching, shooting, motivating, posing and teaching, all at the same time.


During dress change, Manny shows everybody some of his shots including his past works.  I gotta buy that Epson P-5000!!!  :)


Another Kharu shots.



This is another favorite.  :)


Here are the participants.  Congratulations to all of them.  Most of them are hobbyists but looking at their shots that day, you would think that they are all pros.

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  Analog Textures27 Jul 2007

During my analog film and darkroom days, I did several prints containing textures.  There were several techniques to achieve textures in the darkroom, but you need a lot of patience before you can create a good one.  When you hit a good one, it’s very difficult to reproduce another.  In short, thanks to Photoshop.  :)

I was able to recover some of my early works and found two pictures with textures.


The technique I used in this picture is to use a glass with texture.  That glass is put on top of the blank paper before exposing the image.  I found the glass in one of my broken windows.  :)


The second technique is to create bubbles during the first chemical stage of developing.  I used paintbrush in it.  This is even more difficult to re-create another copy.

I tried several techniques then but I can’t find the prints.  Maybe I need to clean up my garage again and hopefully find them.  :)

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  Cho + Chris25 Jul 2007

July 22, 2007


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  Do you have common beliefs?24 Jul 2007

…about respect?

…about trust?

…about life?

…about marriage?

…about a lot of things in life?

Do you share the importance of it?

Are your values in life alike?

Something to talk about, something to work on, something to look forward to, something to hope for…

“Love each other or perish”


I got inspired to think after watching Tuesdays with Morrie starring Jack Lemmon.   I have no time to read the book, so I settled in just watching the movie.  Read it or watch it.  It’s a great experience.  :)

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  Librodo Workshop22 Jul 2007

I had a pleasure of attending Manny Librodo‘s workshop yesterday at One Workshop Gallery.  Manny is the master of portraits and a fast becoming favorite of many photographers around the world.  He has been invited by several photographers from Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and so many other countries to hold a workshop for them.  Yesterday, I’m one of the 12 participants.

Manny has a great talent in looking for great colors, patterns and textures.  Along with it, he wonderfully motivated the model to pose what he envisioned to achieve.  The pictures  look very relaxed and the beauty of the subject really comes out easily.  He outlined to us the step-by-step procedure how he does his work up to the post-production workflow.

I’m in still in “style-shock” right now and I’m still digesting everything I learned yesterday.  Being a full-time wedding photojournalist, it seems to me that what’s he’s doing is a complete reverse of my style.  I’m used in actions, reactions, moments and feelings.   All of that should come out as things happen“.  In portraiture, you have to make it” come out from your subject.  I hope to acquire that talent in time.  :)

Here are two of my favorite shots from yesterday.



Thanks to Kharu for being our model.  She’s magnificent!!!

Next week, I’ll be at Manny’s workshop again but not as participant but this time as workshop facilitator.  Ross Capili of OWG asked me to help Manny in his second batch.  I’m so excited and I am for another treat!!!

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  A Photographer, an Artist and a Businessman19 Jul 2007

Last night I had a chat with the great George Tapan.  Mr. Tapan is the best travel photographer I know.  He can easily blow away even National Geographic photographers.  Most of his shots can be seen in any Mabuhay magazine.

I gathered some insights from him on how he sees the wedding photography in the Philippines.  He expressed his disappointment on how most wedding photographers bring down the level of artistry in the country.  He is looking for a photographer, an artist and a businessman rolled into one.  Most of the time he see only a businessman with a digital camera and that’s it.  That’s half true because some of them bring down the price to get a client.  That’s a very poor business practice.  Being an artist is somewhat a rare thing.  :)

Anyway, during that 15-minute talk, we debated (and agreed sometimes) in some aspects of wedding photography.  He was also able to share with me the concept on how he composes some shots for Mabuhay magazine.  I best describe his work as “effortless”.  You just wanna go there and shoot the same picture thinking it’s very easy.  But the truth is, sometimes he waits for the whole day just for one shot – one perfect moment.  If it didn’t happen, he’ll go back to the same place and wait again.  The man has a great vision which very few people have.  That one shot can be sold higher than the average photo-video package being offered by wedding photographers.  The man is a great businessman too.  :)

I took a look at my recent weddings and check if my shots has some “soul” like what he described to me.





I don’t know but I put my heart and soul in it.  I strive to be an artist through photography and made a business out of it so I can continually nourish it.  In my own little way, I hope I can contribute to uplift the standards of wedding photography in the Philippines.

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  Wedding Essentials Mag18 Jul 2007

The July-December issue is out now.

I just got a copy at Market Market.  But before that, I tried in several magazine stands and it’s out of stock already.  Clearly, it’s the bestselling bridal magazine here in the Philippines.

I’m still browsing my copy and found my two weddings there.  One is my Boracay wedding last February and the other one is 1Esplanade wedding last March.


They released four different covers, you may want to collect them all.  :)


I had a very simple ad.  No picture, no contact details, no fancy layout, just the address of my blog and what it’s all about.  If you’re reading my blog because you saw my ad then I already achieved my objective.  :)

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  Wendell + Rica17 Jul 2007

July 15, 2007


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  Harold + Kathy17 Jul 2007

July 14, 2007


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  Somethin’ Fishy14 Jul 2007

For more than 3 months already, I stopped reading different photography forums.  But this is just temporary and I promise to go back as soon as possible.  I also haven’t been active in WPPP lately which I hope to go back in action in the next months.  I’m doing this because I’m sensing some symptoms of burn-out which may affect my work.

I’d like to express my apology to those who are following my posts in some forums.  There have been several inquiries also when can I hold another wedding photography workshop.  Well, I hope to do another one within the year.

For about 5 weeks now, I’m trying to build an aquarium in my house.  I thought it was just a buy and watch thingy but it’s not.  For 5 weeks, several fishes already died.  I’m thinking that I could already be accused of fish homicide if those fish had their own lawyers.  :)

After reading several articles in the net, I found out there is such a thing a nitrogen cycle in order for a fish to live.  There are so many technical details I’ve yet to understand.  From time to time it’s giving some sense of relaxation.   I hope this new hobby save me from possible burn-out.  My last trip to HongKong did helped me a lot.

Just this week, I think my tank is stable enough to host some fish.  I followed the cycling procedure and the water now is very clear.

Here are two pics of my new pets.



I bought four of them who are already about 6 inches each.  I hope they live long enough and survive in my hands.  :)

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