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  Artist’s Choice & Mini Albums30 Aug 2007

Around May last year, I introduced my Artist’s Choice album.  It’s an 8X8 in album with softbound cover.  Typically, each album contains around 60-70 pictures.  Those pictures are my personal choice from each wedding.  In these albums, I hope to showcase the artistry of Dino Lara Photography.

Since then, it was well accepted and it is now part of the standard packages.  It is quite common also that couple orders for 2 more copies for their parents.  It is an ideal gift to parents since the Artist’s Choice is available 2-3weeks after the wedding.


This is a snapshot of several Artist’s Choice albums ready for pick up.


It’s very light and handy.


It has also a protective plastic cover.

Last December 2006, I also introduced a giveaway mini album for couples who could finalize their album design within a month after I release the design.   So far, more 60% of the couples from December to May were able to finish their album and were given these mini albums.  I’d like to thank them for taking the time to finish their wedding album.


This is a snapshot of mini album.


The mini album is also very light and handy.  It’s 6X6, so it’s about the size of a CD.

Again, thank you for supporting our products and services.  :)

See you all this coming September 1 & 2 at PICC forum for the 11th edition of Wedding Expo.

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  Favorite Photo28 Aug 2007

I have nothing to say (again), I just want to share my recent favorite photo.  It’s like a photo-of-the-day…or probably for the week.  Anyway, see you this weekend at PICC forum 11th edition of Wedding Expo Philippines.


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  Andrew + Cheryl27 Aug 2007

August 25, 2007


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  Before & After24 Aug 2007


This is a straight from the camera shot.  As it is, it’s already nice and dramatic.  But sometimes, I see differently from what the camera sees.  Just like the painters, they give their own interpretations on their subject.


This is what I really see.  I want a very intimate image but still you see a little detail.  The partial blurring or glow adds to the sweet mood.


Due to the contrast, it’s also good in B&W.  In fact, I think the impact is greater while maintaining the intimacy.  Although I feel it lost some of its sweetness.


Quite similar to B&W in terms of contrast.  This is more liberated and quite forward.

Any of them can be used in the album.  As a photographer and artist, I would use the second image which is softer.  It’s more of my character.  That’s how I inject myself in my work.  The message is very subtle and most likely you won’t notice it immediately.  One of the best comments I received was “there’s something about your photographs that moves me but I can’t figure it out”.

Most photographers I know would strive to do something that would make you say “how did you do that?”  You’ll be amazed by their technical abilities.  In my case, I just want you to stop and smile.

I believe in subliminal suggestions.  :)

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  Tiger Show23 Aug 2007


One of the main reason why I went to Thailand is to go to Pat Pong.  That’s one of the main attractions in Thailand.  In one of the bars there, a girl asked my wife Florian what’s her name.  Florian didn’t want to give her real name but instead she said “Kim”.  In a few minutes, the girl went to stage and wrote the note above.  That’s one of kind gesture of hospitality because it’s not “hand-written”.  She’s not disabled but she used her most private part to write it!

They call it pus*y show.  Everywhere you go on that strip are bars offering that kind of show.  I was just amazed that it’s a red light district.  My main impression of a red-light district is a place to sell girls body for sexual pleasures.   At Pat Pong, it’s not.  It’s not erotic but you’ll be amazed by their skills.  They are not sexy and beautiful by standard definition.  Actually, looks don’t matter – it’s the skills!

I’ve seen there some amazing stuffs like pingpong, cigarrettes, darts, banana, blades, etc.  Simply amazing.

I did look for beautiful girls dancing and found one bar.  My wife and I immediately sat and ordered some beers.  After a few minutes, we realized something.  They are very beautiful and very sexy but they missed one little detail.  I suspect that they were not girls when they were born and just became one through medical wonders.

So if you go to Thailand specifically Pat Pong,  you’ll be offered to see Tiger Show.  Actually, it’s Thai Girls Show.  :)

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  Olivier + Tina19 Aug 2007

August 18, 2007


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  Ryan + Rigel18 Aug 2007

August 17, 2007


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  A visit in Thailand17 Aug 2007


This is the view from our hotel (Shangri-La).  I wish our Pasig river is as nice as this.  :)


After a whole of walking around Bangkok, it’s nice to have a 2-hour Thai massage.  I paid only 500 Baht for a two hour massage.  I find it a bargain considering the kind of service we got.  When I got out, I found out it’s part of the hotel.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  :)


We went with the tour going to different temples.  I was able to take some pictures but there were so many tourists.  This is how we looked like.


The monks.


Last August 12 was the Queen’s birthday.  Most Thai are wearing yellow shirt with a logo on it.  It’s easy to see how they love their King and Queen so much.


I didn’t do that pose there but most tourists do.  I’m boring.  :)

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  Christian + Thess09 Aug 2007

August 4, 2007


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  Jerome + Magz09 Aug 2007

August 5, 2007


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