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  Cloyd + Ana30 Oct 2007

October 28, 2007


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  Raul + Elaine30 Oct 2007

October 27, 2007


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  Raniel + Christine21 Oct 2007

October 20, 2007


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  Derek & Trina’s Album19 Oct 2007

Following the post on Derek & Trina’s love story, I’m proud to show you what my design team has come up for their album.

The general design is very classic except for the elements that in it which clearly represents their unique love story.











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  Arvin & Lia at La Mesa Ecopark19 Oct 2007

I don’t shoot much at La Mesa Ecopark but it’s photographer’s haven for prenup.  It’s like Parks and Wildlife.

Here are some from my latest shots there.



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  From the Classroom to the Altar16 Oct 2007


By Katrina Yap-Sotto

MANILA, Philippines—Marriage is a subject most 25-year-olds would avoid. These days, tying the knot at 25 would seem too early. But not for me. I married my grade-school sweetheart two days before I turned 25.

Derek and I go way back to 1993, when we became classmates in fifth grade at Benedictine Abbey School (San Beda Alabang). He was 11, I, ten. I found him cute. And as I would later find out from his friends, he felt the same way about me. Our classmates teased us constantly. Puppy love, they called it. But every night I prayed our relationship would blossom into something more in the future.

I felt the heavens look down with favor upon me when Derek gave me his first love letter. Finally, a confirmation of our M.U. (mutual understanding)! Sounds cheesy, I know. But at fifth grade, that letter meant the world to me.

The letter was everything I had hoped a love letter would be. I felt so happy reading the letter. But my joy turned into sorrow when I reached the bottom. As a postscript, he wrote that our love was doomed to be short-lived. He had plans of entering the seminary in high school.

Heartbroken, I consoled myself by thinking, well, at least it was God and not some other girl who would come between us. Still, I prayed God would just let Derek be my boyfriend. Surely He could just give some other boy that calling.

In sixth grade, my prayers were answered. The school year began with teachers asking that overused question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The teacher called on Derek. My heart leapt upon hearing his answer. “A businessman.” Our class erupted into cheers. I blushed.

This was when we started passing each other notes, talking on the phone, and exchanging gifts such as toys from early childhood.

I was on my way to having a boyfriend!

Sadly, a misunderstanding led us to part ways. Jealousy got the better of my sweetheart. He disapproved of my close ties with other boys.

Waste of time

Going into high school, I found myself being courted by other guys. But I never really entertained them because I saw them as a waste of time. Time, I believed, be better spent on someone I deeply cared about.

Little did I know Derek still cared for me, too. He swallowed his pride, apologized for being torpe, and found ways to grab my attention—through notes in my locker or by carrying my books.

Come 1997, junior year, we were an official item.

Even as graduation rolled around the corner, Derek and I remained confident in our relationship. Of course it also helped we were entering the same university. We were perhaps the happiest couple during our graduation ball. Our peers honored us by naming us “Batch Couple.”

Surviving a relationship through college was tougher than we had thought. We began to discover each other’s personalities, quirks, priorities and beliefs. And we did not always see eye to eye. Many times we felt like giving up, but I guess one could say love always found a way because we constantly made that decision to continue loving each other.

Our relationship only got stronger since then. We became each other’s best friend as we entered adulthood. We started sharing dreams, visions and goals. I knew I loved Derek, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Wonderful blessing

Aug. 16, 2006. Derek popped the question, with a beautiful ring to boot. My wish—rather, our wish—was finally coming true!

Together, we planned our wedding. From the concept to the colors, the menu to the flowers, even the cake and music, every decision was made together. And though it was stressful, we enjoyed the planning process. It was the most fun project we’ve had ever, and it brought out the best in us.

The sun shone brightly on the afternoon of Sept. 8, 2007—another wonderful blessing as heavy rains had started pouring the night before and lasted until early morning (I knew because I was up the entire time). Despite the lack of sleep, I was incredibly happy and relaxed.

I made my way down the aisle with “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from “Cinderella” being played by our string quartet. I had listened to this song as a child, and felt it was the perfect song for my fairy-tale wedding. A fairy tale because I was marrying my Prince Charming.

Our high-school rector celebrated the sacrament, with family and friends (mostly classmates from grade school and high school) as witnesses to our promises of forever.

Derek and I realize how blessed we truly are not only to have found each other but also to have gotten it right the first time around.

And I am thankful because my dream has turned into reality, and he’s sleeping right beside me. Time for me to put away my notebook and join my husband in dreaming some more.

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  Monica’s Maternity Shoot14 Oct 2007

Last Thursday, Monica and Gaddi visited my studio.  Monica used to be the lead videographer of Jason until she got married.  Here’s the result of our quick shoot.




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  Joel + Maureen11 Oct 2007

October 9, 2007


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  My Garage Birthday Party08 Oct 2007

My garage is the most important spot in my house.  Unknown to many, it where our dining room is.  It’s kinda weird for most to have a dining room outside the house but that’s the way we like it.  Recently, I repainted it and did some changes.

Last Sept 24, I celebrated my birthday there.  I can’t think of a better place than my garage.  :)


I only decided to have a party around noon of that day but luckily even with heavy rains and traffic, friends were able to come.  I guess they’re good in short notice invitation.  Thanks CJ (Threelogy) and Karl and Mimi)


The make-up studio of Madge had a very good presentation.


But Jason’s team responded with another surprise!


I’m so overwhelmed by things and still trying to internalize within myself that I’m already 40, I just found myself taking video of everything.  I was a real killjoy.  Forgive me, it’s my birthday!  :)


Even though the party was not planned, my wife Florian was able to arrange a surprise guest for me – Heber Bartolome.


Most of you don’t know Heber but he’s one of the icon in Philippine folk songs during the 70s.  He’s one of the best lyricist I know.


Well, I did also surprise him that I got his LP.  Even Heber, doesn’t have a copy of that.


This time Mada and Che-ann took over in capturing the mini concert.


After the mini concert, real fun started.  Thanks to San Mig Light and Red Horse.


Wild and crazy!  Again, thanks to Red Horse.  :)


CJ captured me what describe me best.  I was just a silent observer that night.  But believe me, I enjoyed everything!


Ang walang kamatayang “Bakit ngayon ka lang” by Jun and Chinky.  Master Jun prepared the food for us.  His cooking skills is as great as his photography skills.


JMDV complete!

I’m so sorry I posted the pics only now.  I’m still in my birthday mood.  :)

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