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  Murphy’s Law30 Jan 2008

“Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way”

Are you afraid of it? For me, not much because I’m doing everything like multiple back-up, multiple camera, multiple storage site, multiple photographer, etc. But as a bride, what’s your greatest fear on your wedding day?

I’ve been to a wedding in a middle of coup attempt and instead we had an opportunity to witness a great celebration of love. I’ve covered several weddings in a middle of big typhoons but still the wedding turned out wonderful.

Last January 12, we had a wedding that must be a favorite of Murphy. First, the wedding was geographically difficult – Mandarin to St James Alabang and back to Mandarin for reception. It was raining the whole day but not very hard. Still, it caused some traffic.


A lot of guests arrived late including the priest. The ceremony was scheduled at 1pm but the priest arrived at 1:24pm.


I always do the back shot so I was able to see how the designer put on the train. However, in this case, we can’t figure out how. This time also, the entourage were already marching. I tried to look where the train would be hooked but we can’t find it. I asked Jody’s staff to go under the gown to look for it but still she can’t find it.

Out of desperation, I asked permission from Jhonna if I can go under her gown and slip my hand inside. Jhonna said “dukutin mo na lahat ng madudukot mo makita mo lang yung hook!!!” (help me translate that in english :) ). Luckily, in seconds, I was able to find it. But after we put on the train, we noticed the zipper gave up!!!


Back it the prep room, it took sometime to zip it up. We have to do that whole process again outside the church. Remember, these all happened while the entourage were marching already. Still, we were able to zip it up. :)


In less than 10 seconds, the door opened. Wheww!!!

But Murphy didn’t give up, just before Jhonna reached the middle of the aisle, the zipper gave up again. Well, Jhonna walked down the aisle while her back was exposed. F@#k you Murphy!!!

I don’t think everybody noticed it and super thanks to Super Jody. Just before Jhonna reached the altar, Jody already had a piece of cloth on her to wrap Jhonna. I don’t know she got the perfect solution in that very short span of time. That was amazing!

Anyway, the ceremony went well and we had a very good homily. But there was another problem, the priest got carried away with his homily and forgot that we started late. The ceremony ended 5 minutes to 3PM and there was a 3PM wedding! The church coordinators doesn’t want me to do any pictorial anymore. But I insisted for one shot and I only need 5 seconds to do it. It’s not a couple shot but one big picture of everybody.

The church coordinator said “how are you going to do it?”

Well, after they kissed, they signed the marriage contract. During that time, I asked Jody to ask everybody to come up for picture.


As you can see, there were people at the back while they were signing. After signing, they stood up and turn their back.


“Everybody smile!!!” :) Then we all went out. I guess it didn’t take 5 seconds. :)


During the exit, they changed it with a more stylish cloth.  :)


Back at the hotel, they sewed it permanently.  It’s up to Marlon what to do with it during the honeymoon night.  :)


Here’s a very nice bridal portrait.

Do you think Murphy succeeded?  I think not.  There were some bloopers but it doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it.  If he really succeeded he could have made the gown fall off right in the middle of the aisle!  But again, do you think nobody’s going to do something about it?

In short, things can go wrong.  It might or it will go wrong.  But the thing is, it can be solved.

Consider this:  Problems are always outnumbered by solutions.

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  High Key Photography09 Jan 2008

Lately, I hope you noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of high key shots.  My objective is to produce clean and snowy images.  This helps me balance my dark side.  :)

High key photography is really out of my comfort zone but so far I was able to produce some interesting images from my recent weddings.


The idea is to over-expose everything except your subject.  This produce portraits what I call “very virginal” look.  :)


We often look for dramatic sky but it’s something we can’t control.  High key images lets you forget about dramatic and colorful sunsets.  The white background is as romantic as  sunsets.


In weddings, we cannot always have the surroundings we like.  Most photographers would just give up.  I know most of my brides find it strange why I’m shooting in “dirty” places.  Luckily, they just let me shoot and hope and pray for the best.  Fortunately, I got some very good shots out of those places.  Let’s just say, their prayers were answered.  :)


Most high key shots are done in studio wherein you control the lighting.   You can also use white fabrics and other white elements to surround your subject.  In weddings, we have white gown and white veil, so it’s quite easy to that.


I normally use Black & White images to take off distracting colors and focus the attention more on the emotions.  High key is very similar to that concept, you take off all the details and textures and direct your attention on emotion.

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