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  San Francisco in B&W26 Mar 2008

A very romantic city…even in Black & White. :)





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  Random Shots25 Mar 2008

While driving around Chinatown San Francisco, I grabbed a few shots of the street activities.  Here are two interesting shots.


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  Lake Tahoe24 Mar 2008

We just got back from Lake Tahoe. There’s nothing to do there but stare at the beautiful lake. We had lots of fun at Sno-Park though. :) It’s 40 minutes away from Lake Tahoe.

Here’s another look at it. Lake Tahoe in B&W. :)




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  Another Big Image23 Mar 2008


Images do look really good when they’re big.  :)

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  Big Image23 Mar 2008

I just got a new blog theme and it accommodate big and wide images.  I am assuming most of you are already using 1020px or wider monitor screens and most of us are at broadband connections already.  If you’re not, please, please upgrade now, you are missing a lot from many wonderful websites.


How do you like it?

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  What I learned in Vegas…so far…19 Mar 2008

“The most important thing in weddings is to capture the essence of that person in that moment.”


I was listening to Joe Buissink’s mini seminar at the trade show and he said that.


At my back, Robert Cavalli is standing.  He’s the genius behind all the stunning black and white pictures of Joe.  I got to shook his hand.  :)

It’s just the first day of the seminar and I have attended a few sessions already.  At 7pm, I had to miss some wonderful speakers because I wanted to join the get-together party from  All my favorite photographers will be there.  Finally at 730pm, they started coming and I was able to meet and chat with the greatest wedding photographers.  :)

I ask, “why are they here when there’s so many good speakers speaking right now?”  I got a smile only.  For some reason, I complained to them, “I find all the seminars boring”.  I want to regret saying that but I said it already.

Brooks (one of the photographers there) told me to go to Jesh de Rox (who happens to be speaking at that moment) for 20 minutes and go back and he asked my opinion about the talk.

When I got back, I told Brooks “Jesh is deep, and he’s what I’m looking for. ”  Brooks laughed at me.  Brooks said “You traveled thousand miles and spent a lot money to get to Vegas and you’re expecting to learn something new? This is Vegas!  Vegas is all about having fun, Vegas is all about being drunk, Vegas is all about having a party!”

So we went to a party, got a lot of drinks, we played at the casino and by 3am I am so drunk that I cannot walk straight while going back to my hotel room.


This is Katrina and Andrew.  They made sure I’m OK the whole time.  Thanks to Juliet Nicole for driving me back to my hotel.


This is Brooks.  That’s Leigh (Brook’s wife) at the background.

So what did I learn so far?  Moments? Yes but I know that already and I’m been doing that for more than 8 years.

For one night, I got a LIFE.  This is life.  I just realized me and my family are having a grand time together and it’s the most important thing.

I just learned how to get a life and THIS IS LIFE.  :)

PS. I need to go to the restroom for the nth time and kneel down to the porcelain god.  :)

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  Freakin’ Prenup14 Mar 2008

In the recent Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association (AGWPJA), Jeremy Lawson won the first and second place in Engagement category.  It’s freakin’ awesome!

I’ve been thinking how could he have done that but I can only speculate.

Anyway, I asked Robert to copy that and see what he can do.

Warning! This is a direct copy of Jeremy Lawson’s winning pics.


Robert was able to solve the equation!

I asked him how he did it and he narrated me a long process.  The short answer is “he drank too much coffee”.

That’s the secret, “Drink a lot of coffee to achieve this.”

While it’s a direct copy, the technique is something we can use in our next prenup.  Right now, I thinking of thousand different images just by using the found technique.  Coffee makes me palpitate, I might try apple juice or milk.  Beer or wine might be interesting also.  :)

So, expect some out of this world prenup pics in the future.  Just in case, you’re wondering about the rates, please click here.

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  Disney Prenup13 Mar 2008

Let me share with you some speed-nup photos I did while in Disneyland.  First, I don’t have any plans of doing any prenups here because my plans here is purely vacation with my family.  However, I made an exception because a very good friend of mine is getting married here and I won’t be able to cover her wedding.

Cookie is one of the first coordinators I’ve worked with.  Every now and then she would call to book a wedding and I always ask if it’s for her own wedding.  Finally, when it’s for her, I’m not available and I can’t do it here in US.

Anyway, we need to do something or at least I have shoot something for her wedding.




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  Brian + May May10 Mar 2008

March 9, 2008


View slideshow here


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  Arnold + Mai08 Mar 2008

March 8, 2008


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