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  Don’t Think, Just Shoot!29 Jun 2008

That’s what lomography is promoting. From there, you’ll enjoy happy accidents or there is the thrill of getting a surprise. Basically, that’s why lomography is fun and cool.

But that’s what photography is all about too – having fun and it’s cool.

I want to examine that “Don’t Think, Just Shoot” thing. Is it really no thinking at all? Is it only by accident that you get good pictures? What is good picture, anyway? :)

Let’s just say YOU have your own idea or definition of a GOOD PICTURE.

1. If you think carefully and compose a shot very well, chances are that the outcome will be good also. Sometimes, it could be great. But sometimes, no matter how hard you thought about it, still, it’s not good enough. That’s a fact, it is so hard to be 100% perfect no matter how hard you try.

2. If you didn’t think and just go ahead to shoot, chances are that the outcome will be bad. Sometimes, it’s worst or totally unusable. But and there’s a big BUT there – sometimes, IT COULD BE PERFECT! That’s also a fact, it can be perfect without really trying.

If I have to choose, I’ll choose number 2. Why? It’s more efficient and I always have a reason not to blame myself of poor performance. If I put PRACTICE in number 2, I’ll increase my chances of getting good shots without thinking.

Practice = System

I’m always trying to practice some thing until it becomes a regular system within me therefore, everytime I take some shots, I don’t think much but I have greater chances of getting good shots or great shots or even perfect shot.

Are getting my point?

In my mind, I already saw this man in between the columns. There’s a subject and there’s a pattern. I just made a snap from waist level and that came out. If I stop and compose, probably, I’ll make the columns straight and give more space for the man. But I don’t think it’s going to be a lot better.

There’s people in line and it created shadow lines. Again, there’s a subject and some patterns. I don’t have to think further and just press the shutter without looking.

Are getting my point? I hope. :)

If you get my point, this applies to many things in life. We are faced with so many things that we don’t have so much time to think but we need to decide. We just have to find a way how we can increase our chances on getting favorable results without really trying.

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  Snaps 1.2 – GianCarlo27 Jun 2008

I just came from a prenup (engagement) shoot today and while we were shooting, a boy named GianCarlo approached us asking for food. He looked like a typical street boy but still very shy. Probably, it’s his first attempt to ask for food. Anyway, I promised to give him money but I have to make a few shots of him. He didn’t answer and I just go ahead taking snaps from my Ricoh GR II.

After 5 minutes, I gave him money but I didn’t get any reaction from him. What you see in these series of pictures were his natural poker-face look. Anyway, I hope you enjoy his portraits. :)

On our way home, about 200 meters away from the site, I saw him eating fishball. :)

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  Allan & Pia Prenup27 Jun 2008

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  Apol + Cher25 Jun 2008

June 22, 2008

Manila Cathedral

Manila Peninsula Hotel

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  Mark + Elaine24 Jun 2008

June 21, 2008

St. Francis of Assissi (Mandaluyong)

Edsa Shang Hotel (Garden Ballroom)

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  Mendoza Family @ Ecopark23 Jun 2008

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  Mark & Elaine Prenup20 Jun 2008

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  Apol & Cher Prenup20 Jun 2008

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  On-Site Photo Slide Show19 Jun 2008

In most of my weddings I do present the pictures during preparations until wedding ceremony while the guests are eating at the reception. It’s a simple photo slideshow where guests can see what happened before the reception. I play it while eating because it is just meant to be a background or something the guests can talk about or enjoy while eating. Once the program starts, the we cut the slideshow.

It is fairly simple to do. I just download the pics from my camera and enhance some of it like converting to B&W and run it using Iview Media Pro in my laptop. There’s no music but during reception a quartet or mobile is playing music.

At present, this service is free-of-charge but I maintain the decision if I want to play it or not. My condition is the projector should be at least 4000 lumens or at least the pictures should come out clear even with some lights on.

I don’t do on-site photo AVP because it will compete with the onsite of Jason M or Threelogy or Bob Nicolas. Some coordinators get confused with this and they want me to do an on-site photo AVP. While I can do it, it is just so hard to do and takes so much pressure for me.

Anyway, last Sunday, I was surprised when I saw the program that I need to do a photo AVP. I declined immediately but the coordinator said just play a slideshow and she’ll ask the mobile to play music. Honestly, I don’t want to do it. I believe it would look like a crappy slide show.

I feel I got caught in the middle and left with no choice but to prepare an on-site Photo AVP. The theme music of the wedding was 20s to 50s which is mostly Standards and Jazz. I selected Moonlight Serenade of Glenn Miller with vocals by Barry Manilow.

I hope you enjoy this impromptu AVP.

PS. Please don’t ask to me to do this is your wedding. I feel there were two rounded thingys growing in my neck while doing it. :) Although, I think I need to prepare a pricing for this service if your videographer is not Jason, Threelogy or Bob. :)

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  RJ + Mae19 Jun 2008

June 14, 2008

Snatuario de San Antonio

Manila Peninsula Hotel

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