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  Davao Photographer’s Summit29 Jul 2008

Last July 16, I conducted a seminar about wedding photo journalism at Samal Island in Davao.  We held it at BlueJaz Resort where I believe it just started its operations few months ago.

I was thrilled upon learning that there were 55 attendees in that seminar including some hobbyist and other photographers from other nearby provinces.

It was just a 2-hour talk plus an hour for questions and answers. After lunch, we had an on-the-spot shoot with models.

The mood was very light and I’m really hoping the photographers did enjoy my talk.

The models arrived around 1:30PM. They got stuck somewhere but it was all worth the wait. :)

All the participants were much ready as if there will be a war. :)

The weather was really hot but I have to note that we had exceptionally beautiful clouds then.

The hobbyists were equally ready and excited to shoot.

…and the shoot goes on. :)

I tried some glamour/fashion shoot. Well, the models were already good even with minimal directions.

There were even more excited to do some “wet the dress” shoot.

I really need to try this wet the dress thingy with my brides. :)

Some more.

Good thing about wet the dress is that they can continue to do some swimming after. I love the beautiful people of Davao. :)

All were shot with Ricoh GR II.

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  Busy, busy, busy27 Jul 2008

Well not really…

I’ve been out of town the last two weeks for seminars.  Last July 15-17, I was in Davao for a one-day seminar at Samal Resort.  After that, a wedding and engagement that weekend and from July 21-25, I was in Singapore to attend a seminar there.

I’ve been preparing a lot for these two events, I was not able to focus on my office works including blogging.

I’ll post some pics from those two events in the coming days.

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  Joseph + Gian24 Jul 2008

July 19, 2008

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  David + Jasmine22 Jul 2008

July 13, 2008

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  Thomas + Corinthia20 Jul 2008

July 12, 2008

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  Alan + Pia20 Jul 2008

July 6, 2008

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  Joseph & Gian Prenup20 Jul 2008


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  Reg + Kaye19 Jul 2008

July 5, 2008

Santuario de San Antonio

Manila Peninsula Hotel

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  Amiel + Christy19 Jul 2008

June 28, 2008

St Francis of Assissi (Fernwood)

Fernwood Gardens

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  Davao Photographer’s Summit09 Jul 2008

I’ll be speaking in this coming Photographer’s Summit at Davao this July 16. It’s a one-day event which also includes on-the-spot photo contest. The registration fee is only P1,000 which already includes light lunch and snacks.

I’ll be speaking more on Wedding Photo Journalism. I’d like to concentrate more on that topic and stay away from the usual technical topics like camera settings, workflow and business matters.

Photo taken by Mr. Jerry Sy.

Please visit Jerry’s home page to register.

I’m looking forward to meet the wonderful photographers of Davao.

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