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  [AG]WPJA27 Aug 2008

The Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association  (AGWPJA) is an organization that focus on real moments that happened in a wedding and allows the photographers to enhance the image through image editors.  All creative freedom in Photoshop are allowed, actually, it is encouraged.

I had a pleasure of talking to the owner of AGWPJA last March in Las Vegas and JVS (the owner) shared to me his visions for the association.  I am telling you it’s going to be very big and I believe in the leadership of JVS. BTW, JVS is one rare photographer that excels well in both photojournalism and portraiture. When I say rare, he is really extremely rare. :)

So this is a call to all wedding photographers.  If you feel your style is photojournalism and likes to further enhance the image through Photoshop then apply right away.  Let’s all be part of making AGWPJA the best international organization.

This is the main page of AGWPJA. It’s is holding a quarterly contest and the 2nd quarter just got out. Sorry, I didn’t quite hit the biggie this time. But please, browse the winning entries, there’s so many outstanding images and it just indicates that we are getting more serious every quarter.

There, you’ll see me at the bottom. It’s not bad but definitely not as good as the last four quarters. I need to work harder and hoping I get back in the race.

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  Photoshop Actions27 Aug 2008

In my more than 10 years in using Photoshop, I still consider myself as beginner or at that level. All I do is contrast, curves, resize, crop and everything basic. I’ve seen several Photoshop artworks and I have no clue how to do it.

Anyway, I depend a lot on actions. Actions are series of Photoshop commands that you can save. Every time you hit play, it automatically runs. I find it very convenient for me, that’s why I’ve been using it for years.

I must have bought almost $1,000 worth of actions.

Just to show you.

Here’s the original shot from the camera.

This is a combination of Totally Rad Action Rusty Cage and Yin Yang.

This is a combination of Troy, Warm it up and Select of pop. Also from Totally Rad. Troy is from the new series called Revenge.

This has Yin Yang, Warm and Snap and the final B&W conversion is from Jeff Ascough’s Actions.

This post is mainly intended for photographers. I always suggest getting actions. If you feel it’s too expensive and can only buy one, get totally rad.

Most photographers I know are just waiting for someone to give them a copy for free but I don’t recommend that. If you are processing so many pictures a day, it’s worth every cent. Just saving me a lot of time learning everything in Photoshop is one cost justification already.

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  Snaps 1.4 – Heber Bartolome26 Aug 2008

Last June 28-July 31, Heber Bartolome had an exhibit of his paintings. Heber is known more on his folk/country songs back in 70’s. His popular hits are Nena and Tayo’y Mga Pinoy. Most of his songs are about the society.

I came late in the exhibit opening and I heard there were lots of celebrities who attended the ribbon cutting.  Anyway, I’m still lucky I made it to the last part of the program.  Most guests performed 1 or 2 songs for everybody.

This is Heber. He performed several songs that night.

The exhibit was called “Balik-Tanaw”. It aims to sell his paintings so he can fund the production of CD of his workshop attendees. I’ve heard some of them and they deserved to be recorded. One of them is Carla Ocampo.

This is Levi, brother of Heber and one of the members of Banyuhay ni Heber.

This is Jesse, also a member of Banyuhay and brother of Heber.

Me and Heber

I bought 4 paintings, 3 small ones and one big one. I wanted to buy this painting in the middle but the owner of the building where the exhibit was held got it first.

Heber distributed a copy of one his paintings as souvenirs for those who attended. I got 1 also. :)

It was a blast to be there. Lots of beers and wine and food. But of all, it was a gathering of artists. Most artists that were there are those who promote society awareness thought their art.

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  Alfonso + Vanessa23 Aug 2008

August 18, 2008

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  Angelo + Joy22 Aug 2008

August 17, 2008

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  Signs21 Aug 2008

Back in Year 2000, around October, I decided I want to be a full-time wedding photographer. However, I got my career already as a Product Manager in a telecom company.

So I asked for a sign. A sign. Something that will tell me which one to choose. Continue with telecom or be a Wedding Photographer.

In December 2000, the telecom gave its employees additional 2 months salary bonus. When I’m about to give my resignation paper to my boss in January 2001, the management gave another 1.5 months for all managers.

That was my sign!

Common sense would say to stay with the telecom. Some would say “it’s no brainer!”.

Well, you know already what was my decision then. What you don’t know is why I chose the unpopular thing.

It’s fairly simple. I have a goal then – to be a wedding photographer, to contribute something to the wedding industry. A goal is something I never had in the first 3 decades of my life. It only occurred to me in Year 2000.

The sign that was given to me was that the telecom will give me money. Nothing different. That time, I don’t know yet what my goals will give me. But it surely will be different.

Richard Avedon is regarded as one of the world’s greatest photographers. When he was young, Alexey Brodovitch of Harper’s Bazaar gave him an advice – “ASTONISH ME!”.

I have a new goal – I want to SURPRISE THE WORLD! Please give me a sign how…

…and I’ll do the opposite. :)

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  Hacienda Isabella21 Aug 2008

Just shot a wedding reception at Hacienda Isabella last Monday.

Here’s a teaser for you. :)

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  Raymond + Kristine20 Aug 2008

August 17, 2008

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  Buffy + Pat19 Aug 2008

August 16, 2008

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  Teaser17 Aug 2008

It would take time for me again to post my recent weddings, I thought it would be nice if I post a teaser.

This one is from yesterday.

I have another wedding today and Monday but I’ll try to post those weddings within the week. :)

Have yourself a long and happy weekend.

I’m having a long and busy weekend. :)

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