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  Brigitte’s Maternity Shoot29 Oct 2008

Brigitte is the ever-reliable secretary of Jason Magbanua. Upon knowing that she’s pregnant, we already planned for a pictorial but we were not able to schedule it.

It was supposed to be her last day in Jason’s office before giving birth, so we decided to have a quick photo shoot. Everything was unplanned. Anyway, it turned out great and I’m happy that the pictures were really “very Brigitte” :)

First, we made a beauty shot.

It really is that big but she can still move very fast in the office. :)

Sexy and innocent? No, we’re just playing with poses.

Again, we’re playing sexy here. We want to prove that being pregnant is sexier than what you see in Men’s magazines. Do you agree?

This is very Brigitte, very happy and fun to be with.

One of my favorites.

Almost same as above. Very dramatic. :)

I’m very excited already to see my “inaanak”. I’m a self-appointed ninong. :)

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  John Rana OnStage25 Oct 2008

Last October 23, my wife Florian and I were invited by Mimi and Karl for their part 2 of 3 wedding celebration. It’s a weird invitation but I was very excited since I wasn’t able to go their wedding. When we got there, it’s not what we expected. It turns out that Benz organized a surprise party for John for their 10th wedding anniversary. Most of us were surprised and it was hell of a party.

I wasn’t able to bring my camera or at least my Ricoh, good thing Florian had her Panasonic.

Bong’s pictures say it all. The party was really wild!

Jon is our official photographer with his new Canon 50D

The mastermind – Benz

Boyet of Josiah’s

Jason with MangoBoys

Florian and Pang

My favorite singer Rose of Threelogy. She’s a lot better than Sitti!

Oly and the wife of Metro Photo

John rocking the house.

I caught the last part of John singing Just Once on video.

…and here’s Mr Destination Host CJ and John doing Ice Ice Baby. Plus see John and MangoRandall kiss! :)

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  John + Jaja22 Oct 2008

October 18, 2008

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  Gino + Rianne21 Oct 2008

October 11, 2008

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  Vanni + Tonette21 Oct 2008

October 10, 2008

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  Archie + Audi20 Oct 2008

September 28, 2008

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  Eldred + Mimi20 Oct 2008

September 26, 2008

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  JV + Ritz20 Oct 2008

September 20, 2008

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  John & Jaja’s Canvass18 Oct 2008

Prenup or Engagement sessions are popularly accepted as a date with your photographer. A talented photographer combined with his very entertaining attitude make for a great date. I’ve heard several couples say “We love our pictures and we had a lot of fun.”

I’ve been doing it for years now and I’m always thrilled every time my couple enjoy the pictures and at the same time enjoyed our company.

Here am I again and I want to break out from that tradition for a while. :)

This is John and Jaja holding their tools to make a simple painting.

The idea of the prenup is to have an activity and I will document the process. John and Jaja decided to make a painting. They already know what to paint. Their canvass is one of the walls of their “bodega”.

From time to time I will interrupt them to have a simple portrait. They are not really into posing so I just cracked some jokes to make them laugh.

Once they get back to painting, they were quite serious with it. I think they had a strategy already on how to do it. They started with a white base and then light colors then dark colors.

You might ask “What is the point of doing this?”. If you’re getting married, you will be doing a lot of things in life together – decide together, plan together, visualize together, etc. This painting is like a practice. During the 3 hour painting, they planned, prepared, bought the tools and materials, painted and even argued. It is very similar when you’re buying a gadget, car or house. The level of satisfaction is more dependent on how you accomplish it and not much on what was the final product.

There were no spectacular photos that came out of it. No photo contest material. But I don’t mind. The pictures were great and had a lot of meaning for all of us. They were able to accomplish something and I was there to document it.

In this series of pictures, I wanted to show John and Jaja’s character. I didn’t want to show my styling capabilities or my photographic eye. By looking at the pictures, I want you to appreciate John and Jaja. I don’t want you to say “Who’s your photographer?” There is a big difference in that.

BTW, John and Jaja got married this morning and it was a wonderful wedding. :)

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  Is it for the MONEY?16 Oct 2008

As a wedding supplier, we do things for the money. But that’s only one of the thousands of reasons. Personally, I put the rates in my website so all potential clients will know right away how much their investment would be. After you decide on our services, I would like to talk about your wedding, your preparations, your ideas. After the wedding, I want to make the best album possible for you. I want to select the best pictures that really communicate the essence of each particular moment. Money matters are just a small percent of the whole process.

Again, if you ask any supplier, are you doing it for the money? The short answer is NO because it doesn’t really matter much. It is just a pre-requisite.

Veluz is going to hate me posting this picture but let me explain. Veluz is a great gown designer. However, she is not cheap. But I can’t see any hints that she’s doing it for the money alone. The pictures illustrate how caring Veluz is to her bride. Beyond the beautiful gown, she wants to make sure her bride is ready for the day. A lot of suppliers I know are like that.

As much as possible, we don’t want to talk about money. In any supplier’s gathering, I rarely hear “I made big bucks on that couple”. Instead, we share love stories of our couple, those moments including bloopers, and most specially those experience the couple gave us.

In return, we want to give you an experience also. We want to be your partner in making your day the best day of your life. We both benefit from it. If it just for the money, most likely it’s a one-way street.

Is it for the money? No, it’s more for the experience. :)

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. – Vince Lombardi

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