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  Mystery Solved06 Nov 2008

Honestly, the title of this post should be “stupidity” but I would be very hard on myself that way.

Last November 1, I posted about a ghost. For seven years, I really believed it was a ghost but I just discovered that it wasn’t. Here’s the story:

I didn’t notice the picture even while editing the storybook album. I hired a web designer to redo my website and told me about the picture. I immediately looked for it and felt some creepy feelings. I asked my friends to look at it and they were all scared. I looked for more ghostly images in the rest of the files on that particular wedding and found nothing. I also looked at other weddings in that same hotel and found nothing too.

I am really convinced it was a ghost. Somehow, I’m also proud of myself that I was able to capture such. Most ghost pictures were proven to be a hoax and here I can really say that it’s an actual shot.

Here are my findings:

The shot was through a glass mirror. The hand is just a stain that reflected. Very simple. But I really can’t remember that it was through a glass mirror.

A closer look reveals that Annette’s shirt was inverted- mirrored effect. Ah what a relief!

But honestly, I feel very stupid believing it was a ghost. I always challenge everything before believing but somehow I gave in easily on this one. :)

Anyway, I’d like to apologize to all who feel scared about my Nov 1 post. Although it was an honest mistake, I can’t accept to myself that I’ve shown some stupidity in public. I have issues about myself being stupid in public. :)

Do you believe in ghosts? My answer is a little unique – NOT AGAIN!

Although I don’t believe in ghosts, you still can’t expect me to be in spooky places. I get scared. :)

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  Mark and ShaSha Prenup06 Nov 2008

Their love story begins when they met inside an FX Taxi. A lot more things happened after that including that of Mark getting assigned in Afghanistan. You’ll see some elements from their love story in the following shots but not necessarily recreating them.

BTW, Mark is not a taxi driver, he’s a military man. ShaSha is a nurse. That’s love and war combined perfectly.


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  Mark & Abby Prenup05 Nov 2008


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  Do you believe in Ghosts?01 Nov 2008

I believe in ghosts but only since Dec 2001. I already posted this 2 yrs ago and I just think it may be a good idea to post this again for new readers. :)

Here’s a series of shots taken last Dec 4, 2001.

I indicated the time as recorded in my camera which is Fuji S1 pro. If you look closely, there is some weird white image that only appears in the first two shots.

Here’s a cropped version so you can see more clearly.

Every time I see this picture it gives me a very creepy feeling. I don’t know if I’m fortunate to capture such but I’m not happy either. So far, this is the only weird image I have in my entire photographic career. I also do not wish to happen again.

So if you ask me if I believe in ghosts, I would say YES without thinking. I believe also that ghosts are not harmful but can be malicious. :)

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