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  King Gimp – The Wedding30 Apr 2009

It’s always a challenge for me to put words in all pictures that I do. (I’m grammatically challenged! :) )

Anyway, I put up a slideshow which is the best way to express what I felt during the wedding.

King Gimp – The Wedding from Dino Lara on Vimeo.

Put your headphones on and set the volume a little higher and start to FEEL.

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  EJ + Joanne28 Apr 2009

April 25, 2009



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  James & Janna25 Apr 2009

April 11, 2009 – San Francisco, CA


This is not my wedding, I just joined Jason and offered some help. While doing some assistance, I was able to steal a few shots.






Based on this wedding, I saw a big difference between a wedding in the Philippines and in the US. In Manila, we hire so many people for the wedding. In the US, I was able to capture some moments of guests while helping the couple to have their perfect day.

People are more expressive also. I’ve been mastering moments in the past few years capturing tears, laughter, kids, but in the US, it seems very easy. I just needed to stand anywhere and it will come to me. :)


Do I look good with a videocam? :) It has been my one of my frustrations to be a movie maker. This was the closest I could get. Jason already set the cam and I just have to stand there and see if it’s rolling. I love this job. :)



During pictorial while the official photographer was busy with the couple, I ambushed the entourage with this.



…and when I got the chance to steal a shot of the couple, here’s what I got. In the US, most photogs are pissed off when another photog crashes into a wedding and does some shots. Yes, I was a pain in the ass but my excuse was all shots were intended for Jason’s DVD menu. :)







In Manila, guests would hide inside restrooms during the garter and bouquet part. In the US, guests just enjoyed it.


Thanks to the most generous guy we’ve met, Carlos Mariveles, for taking us around San Francisco. He took this shot for us.

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  AGWPJA Photographer of the Year 200820 Apr 2009

Congratulations to Emin Kuliyev for bagging the Photographer of the Year 2008 for Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association (AGWPJA).

I had a pleasure of meeting him in New York.

View more of our picture here.

Please check out his amazing work also at

How cool is that? – two Photographer of the Year title holders together. :)

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  King Gimp (Wedding Day – 1st Meeting)17 Apr 2009

My most favorite part of the wedding is the walk. I’d like to cover the walk as many angles possible because I find it very dramatic and the highlight of the day. It is when the bride and the groom see each other for the first time on that day.

In the case of Dan and Dena, it’s way different. Early in the morning Dena posted several notes on the door of Dan’s room.


After posting the notes, Dena entered the room and and for the first time Dan and Dena saw each other. Unlike in most weddings I do, the first meeting happens when both bride and groom are on their best attire. In their case, Dan just woke up.


They were whispering something to each other. Being in that situation as a photographer was very tough, my heart was melting with love and emotions in that room with the pressure that I have to make a good shot of that scene.


Anyway, this says it all.


Outside the room, Dan’s bridal car was waiting. Yes, that’s a vintage wheelchair.


Shortly, Dan went outside to check out the notes and his chair.


This is what’s in the chair…


Checkmate! The genie helped also. :)


Any man with a heart of stone would melt from this.


Dena asked Dan what’s his favorite note.

Dan easily pointed one



The following sequence happened around 9-9:30am. The wedding was scheduled in the afternoon at 4PM.

…to be continued.

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  King Gimp (Day 3 – The Guests)15 Apr 2009

We were transported in the 30’s period. Most guests dressed up in their vintage outfits conforming to the theme of 30’s.


This is how it looks if you lived in the 30’s with cellphones and 21st century cars. :)


It was a blast to see all the guests.

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  The Empire State Building08 Apr 2009

Yesterday was rainy in New York. It was so hard to go around and do some shopping. Anyway, the guards at the Empire State warned me that it was zero visibility but still I insisted on going up. There were about 8 more people who insisted. So I paid and went up. It was indeed cloudy but I can see some buildings.

My objective is just to go up and experience the Empire State Observatory. I don’t need the view as I can see it in pictures anyway.

Here’s a view from the top and at the same time a portrait of Empire State Building. :)


I love my LX3! :)

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  Dirk + Tin07 Apr 2009

April 4, 2009



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  King Gimp (Wedding Day Teaser)05 Apr 2009


I’m still trying to cope up with the overwhelming emotions I got from the wedding day. I’m gonna hibernate for the next 3 days and will try to digest everything.

Sugar Dream Team? That’s what Dena call us. :)

The wedding gown arrived just before the reception started. The bride got a UHaul truck early in the morning. Some tobacco shopping just before the wedding. Minimum lighting in the theater during the ceremony (what else can you expect in a theater?). The First Dance. Wind beneath my wings and To all the girls I’ve love before songs. These are just some of the things happened on that day.

Truly, my wedding of my lifetime.

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  King Gimp (Day 2 – Exhibit)01 Apr 2009

March 31, 2009 is the opening of exhibit of Dan Keplinger (King Gimp) at Fleckenstein Gallery. We arrived there at 5:30PM, the exhibit was about to start. Dan was already there greeting everybody.




The colors of his paintings are so vivid and powerful which makes you stop and hold your breath for awhile.


I shot parts of each paintings and made a collage out of it. If you ask me what does his paintings tells me, in one word – EYE OPENER. If I don’t know Dan, the colors are shouting and the images project some dark emotions. It makes my eye open and my mind will be a bit scared, affected and moved. Since I know Dan already, it still makes my eyes open but somehow makes me realize what Dan is saying – Never Give Up.


The emotions you get from his paintings are really intriguing and very mysterious. It’s very much the same when you look at him. I’m always curious what he’s thinking.


There were lots of guests that came and I’m expecting to see them tomorrow at the wedding.




He’s always excited upon seeing all of the guests. In this particular picture, he tried to stand and gave the lady a hug.


Well of course upon seeing Dena, Dan gave him a big squeeze.


I don’t really understand what he’s saying but I know he’s very excited and very happy.


Dan and Dena, see you tomorrow at your wedding.


BTW, the wedding will be at a theater. The theme is vintage and I’m looking forward to shoot lots of B&W and vintage-processed images.



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