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  Harris & Marie Engagement27 Jun 2009





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  Terey’s Wedding – A Preview26 Jun 2009

Terey is one of the secretaries of Jason M and she got married last June 24.


I just need to process some pics so I can share to you their wedding story. :)

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  Black & White 00125 Jun 2009

When I started learning photography, it was really Black & White that interested me. As I practiced, I did more and more B&W and even had my own darkroom. I’m always trying to promote my B&W because it’s something I really believe in.

Just last Sunday, I revisited my style and found several powerful images in B&W.

When is B&W most effective? The short answer to that is when you don’t need the color.

You don’t need color if you want more patterns.


B&W is very effective in showing textures.





It’s very effective in portraits. Toning it gives you variation.





For photojournalists, they use B&W to highlight an action.





Found details. Not a set-up but elements you want to focus on.




The best of it and my favorite is showing emotions.




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  Your Wedding Album24 Jun 2009

One of the most common questions clients ask is “What will happen after our wedding? “.

You’ll get the proofs within 2 weeks after the wedding. Around that time, you’ll also get the Artist’s Choice album

I’ll work on designing your album which will be available 2-4 months after the wedding. From there, I’ll be needing your approval if I can go ahead with the production of the album. The production takes about 5 weeks.

I had a promo last 2006 of giving a mini album (album replica) if you approved the design within a month. So far, I’m still giving away the mini album under that condition.

I don’t really have specifics regarding the warranty of the album. So far from my nine years in service, I have no more than 10 cases where the album got damaged. Should that happen to you, please let me know. I’ll be happy to do something about it. It is my intention for you to enjoy your album in your lifetime.

I’m using Kodak paper in all of my albums and according to Kodak, their paper will last for 50 years. I’m sorry I haven’t proven that. :)

I am open also for unique ideas regarding your album. Those listed in my package are standard sizes, which I think is the best. But I have a bride who requested for 11X48in with 50 pages on it. Imagine 4 people seating side by side viewing the album. That how wide it is and it came out very nice.

I’m always open to ideas. :)

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  Guijuan + Michelle23 Jun 2009

June 7, 2009



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  Ren-Ren & Margaux Engagement23 Jun 2009

Light, casual, fun.

Ren-Ren and Margaux were best friends for 10 years and they found out last year that they were supposed to be more than that. Next month, they are going to be a lot more than best friends.

Incidentally, Ren-Ren is also called “The Rainman” in PBA. He was the 2002 Rookie of the Year and 2008 PBA All-star 3-point Shootout Champion.




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  Great Wedding Videographers22 Jun 2009

They are the greatest in the world!

Last February, we made history as the “greatest and bestest” videographers collaborated with a project.

I’m reposting this from Threelogy blog.

The 5DX Team from Bong Sare on Vimeo.

Just in case you didn’t notice, I’m the one with the glasses. :)

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  A Father’s Request21 Jun 2009

Due to my busy schedule, I have not been able to catch up with my kids especially on weekends. Fortunately, just about 3 weeks ago, I was able to talk to my daughter Ansel, I was able to hear some of her concerns, fears and expectations in life. Clearly I realized that my daughter is not just a 10-yr old girl but a full grown-up person already.

I admitted that I wasn’t able to invest time on them. While I’m still figuring out how can I make time for them, I asked a very big favor to Ansel… I asked her to be more responsible as a daughter, a sister and a person. I am hoping she fills up all my lost time for them.

Anyway, I made a slideshow of their pics. The song is perfect as the lyrics is all I want them to learn in life as they grow old.

Join me to greet all the Fathers around there – Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s Request from Dino Lara on Vimeo.

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  James & Sharon Prenup (Engagement)20 Jun 2009

I did turndown several requests for prenup (engagement) while I was in the US last April. I really want to apologize for that.

However, I really wanted to do a quick pictorial with James and Sharon. When I say quick, it shouldn’t be more than 1 hour. As far I can remember, it was not even 30 minutes.

Here’s the story…

Sharon offered to fetch us at the airport from our flight from New York to San Francisco. I got carried away with the white wine being offered to me while in flight. After the 6th glass I lost count because the steward keeps on refilling my glass and I was enjoying it. I have fear of flying but that time I was really enjoying every minute of it.

I can’t carry my baggage, I can’t even stand. Walking was a big challenge plus my smell was really awful. I tried to hide it from Sharon and continued with the shoot as if everything was normal.

After 2 locations, I can’t go on anymore. I’m freezing plus everything was in blur. I can’t control my balance anymore.

We’re having a dinner with Jason and Pang after the shoot but even before the food arrived I excused myself went ahead to my hotel.

I was afraid to look at the shots but I was surprised it was not bad at all. Now, I’m proud to show the work of a drunk photographer. :)



















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  Prenup at the PBA dugout19 Jun 2009

It’s a speed-nup actually.

After the game, we headed to the Rain or Shine dugout and did a photoshoot. It was very quick but still very different from most prenups I do.

This is what I love to do – telling a simple story by pictures. It has more character. Not much on glamour, being extraordinary or even a photographer’s showcase. It’s all about Giza and TY Tang.

Plus, I enjoined the game even though Rain or Shine lost that night. Anyway, the E-painters crushed Purefoods on the next game and they were leading 1-0 vs Ginebra for their best of seven semi-finals series. I hope they win again tonight. :)

I’m anti-Ginebra ever since. :)




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