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  Beauty & Story28 Jan 2010

In our 10 years of doing wedding photography as a profession, our couples loved how we tell their story. From our point of view, we continuously look for different perspectives.

Aside from the story, we also focus on beauty. That’s what we love about weddings, the couple does everything to make everything beautiful which makes our job a lot easier. It’s also not a secret that all brides have a magical beauty on their wedding day.

Lately, I’ve been blessed with beautiful brides.



We also tried several editing techniques and gadgets to improve the quality of our pictures. But the quality of an image can’t rely so much on techniques and equipment but more on the ability to observe and notice.

We are very much into what is real. It’s elegant in itself.







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  Allen + Roselle22 Jan 2010

There really isn’t much of a difference between covering a celebrity wedding and a non-celebrity one. Afterall, love doesn’t know fame. However, one of the perks of being in the presence of celebrities is being serenaded by a plethora of true blue singers. Not only was it evident that Allen and Roselle loved music, it was clear that every single person in the room felt united in it. The kind of entertainment we witnessed was, hands down, born out of love. And last but not the least, the kind of love Allen and Roselle have for each other will remain fresh until the end of time- come what may.





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  Preview: TY+Giza & Allen+Roselle19 Jan 2010

TY and Giza are one couple that’s so easy to photograph. They always look very good in pictures. With that, I was even fortunate to find some great moments in their wedding. One of them was when they danced while Gary V was singing.

TY plays for the PBA Rain or Shine team as a point guard.


I have the impression that celebrities are not easy to get along with. Roselle Nava changed that impression. She is so easy to talk to. I interviewed her for her wedding video and I got carried away how she expressed her love for Allen.

Roselle made several hit songs in the 90s. She did some acting jobs also.


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  W@W 2009 Most Memorable Weddings13 Jan 2010

Several suppliers shared their memorable weddings last 2009 at W@W.

In my case, I submitted a gay wedding which I shot last October 15.  I know that gay weddings are not allowed (yet) here in the Philippines but it really happened.  Although it was not legal or sacramental- it was a real wedding: a real celebration with real people.  They did it because they believe in it and their friends believe in it.

I quote this from the invitation “Our wedding will be a fairytale… a dream with no end”.






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  Being Different07 Jan 2010

One of the first questions I receive during a meeting is if I have been to a wedding in their chosen church and reception venue already.  In my ten years, I’ve shot almost all churches in Metro Manila which make them confident that I’ll do a good job.

In most cases, having experienced a wedding in a particular church is an advantage.  Most photographers would secure all their favorite spots and give their client what they expect. Everybody happy.  :)

Last January 5 & 6, I had a wedding at St. James (Alabang), both at 3pm.  You might say it was very easy.  But it was not. Not in my case at least.  There was a big pressure on me to come up with different shots even though my two couples didn’t know each other.  Thing is, I don’t want to work on a template or a shot list.

Just to illustrate:

Jan 5, portrait of bride in the car


Jan 6, portrait of bride in car


Both in car, both beautiful, both before getting off the car but different angles.

Jan 5, preparing for walk


Jan 6, preparing for walk


The angles are almost the same, I just capitalized on their veil.  They have different veils.  One advantage of Jan 6 is that I was able to remove the dress-code sign.  For Jan 5, I’ll try to Photoshop it. :)

Jan 5, bridal walk


Jan 6, bridal walk


I was on the left side on Jan 5 and I did it on the right side for Jan 6.

Nobody would really notice if the photographer works on a template.  Although I hear stories from brides who are officemates and found out that their albums look very similar.  It’s just that the faces are different.

Anyway, what I’m doing is that I try to be different everytime.  I made it easier by having a system – it’s in my instict.  Although there is a temptation during peak season but the difference doesn’t have to be grand anyway.

The advantage of doing this is that I don’t get bored and hopefully I don’t bore you.

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  Finding a Good Start for 201004 Jan 2010

I want to do a top 20 or even top 100 images for 09 but I figured it’s not a good time to do that because of so many weddings I’m covering this time.

Anyway, I started the year with a portrait of my family and this is my favorite.

If you want a good start, start with your family. :)


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  It’s not just another New Year01 Jan 2010

It’s been a decade since I started as a professional wedding photographer. The very first wedding we covered was in Subic which was the wedding of Eric Paragas and Ali Gordon last January 9, 2000. Since then, we’ve been a part of close to a thousand weddings.

How was it, you may ask? I can say that the last decade was my most fulfilling experience and obviously the happiest decade of my life. Truly, I over-exceeded any dreams and expectations I have back in Y2000.

There were acoustic and bossa nova in music. There were spot coloring and wacky poses in photography. There were the white album and Art Leather. You hardly see them now and I’m very proud to say we’re very much active and continually evolving.

What do I see in the next ten years? What am I up to?

Last May 2001, I introduced my digital storybook which became a norm in wedding albums now. It’s one contribution to the Philippine wedding industry I am very proud of. Now, I’m hoping to contribute to the world. I need your help to do that.

In the past decade, I was trying to be the greatest wedding photographer. I’ve been taught that one needs to take great pictures to be able to become a great photographer.

But this is what I learned…

It’s not about how good you take pictures but how good you feel about the pictures you take.

Have yourself a blessed New Year!

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