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  B&W Tuesday30 Aug 2011

Here’s something taken back in 2008. An orphanage located in Old Sta. Mesa, Manila called  Concordia Children’s Services were taking care of abandoned kids. It was a life-changing experience. I hope helpless and neglected kids will have different destinies. It’s time we do something about poverty than merely accepting it as a reality.

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  Lem + Nem26 Aug 2011

August 07, 2011

It was a black&red gangster themed wedding with a massive entourage (enough to form a flash mob) that are popularly considered divas among their peers-


But every little detail and every bit of chaos made up for a lively celebration. Incriminating and visually arresting pictures will be exposed after the jump. :)


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  B&W Tuesday23 Aug 2011

What you see there is a  tattoo that says “You Are.” Margie’s husband, Danly, also has the same script tattoo except it’s on his right arm and it says, “My Strength.” :)

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  Jay + Noemi20 Aug 2011

July 16, 2011


It was my first time in Bohol. The atmosphere there is very laid back and I like that. Bohol has such a great potential that I’m already looking forward to cover more weddings there.


One of the highlights of the wedding day came from a very typical idea- a jumpshot. What’s unusual about it though was that-


the WHOLE entourage got wet. This made my stay in Bohol all the more sweeter.


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  B&W Tuesday16 Aug 2011

Mike & Ting’s wedding day was spent solely in Manila Hotel meaning we were there from the preparations, the ceremony and up to the reception. The plan was to have a dramatic outdoor shoot with the Manila Bay as a backdrop. However, heavy rains spoiled our plan so we searched inside the hotel for a Plan B. Using patterns and lights, we still achieved something dramatic. Rain cannot spoil everything. :)

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  Mike + Ting12 Aug 2011

July 09, 2011



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  B&W Tuesday09 Aug 2011

Today’s B&W picture is what I call an abstract shot. Taken from the window outside, the reflection of the leaves created the texture. It’s still an intimate shot of Lem & Nem’s wedding ceremony but with a touch of the beauty of nature.

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  Andi + Elizabeth (Part 2 – One Lovely Morning)05 Aug 2011

Conrad BALI – Andi and Elizabeth’s wedding day started busy preparing not only for the actual wedding but also for the tea ceremony that morning.


Click the link below and I will take you on a colorful journey. If you are into eye candy, you’ll enjoy this one. It was just too beautiful to skimp on pictures. Trust me, you’ll understand why when you see them.


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  Jay + Isa03 Aug 2011

June 17, 2011



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  B&W Tuesday02 Aug 2011


It is a well-known fact that I love black and white photography. So from now on, I will be posting my B&W favorites here.

The stunning bride is Elizabeth, by the way. This was taken while she was practicing her walk, seconds away from “This is it.”

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