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  One for the books29 Sep 2011

This was the calm before the storm. It had been raining all evening. However, as soon as Pupil took the stage and Ely Buendia acknowledged our presence, it stopped. They started our mini concert with the song Disconnection Notice. I requested the song 20/20 and the Eraserheads’ song Spoliarium. They performed two more songs out of surprise: Alapaap and the Teeth’s Prinsesa (because bassist Dok Sergio is from the Teeth). It felt like a double encore. Pupil leveled up my humble birthday party. That’s why if I don’t get U2 next year then I can never top this year. This is one for the books.

By the way, the inevitable “I love you, Ely!” screams lasted through the night even when the JMDV gang was performing long after Pupil left.

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  You and your brand spanking new DSLR23 Sep 2011


So you got yourself a new DSLR (I hope it’s a Canon) and now you’re thinking of posting lots of kick-ass shots to impress your Facebook friends.

If you’re new to photography, prepare for a good amount of feelings of frustration to produce mind-blowing shots. Tip: Those shots don’t come very often even to professionals so take it easy. You have to prepare for some pressure too since your friends are expecting A LOT from you. They think your expensive camera will turn them into gods and goddesses. Tip: Tell them you’re not a miracle worker. By the way, I’m not trying to scare you, these feelings are normal.

Without further ado, here’s a little guide from me to you:

1. Set your camera to full auto mode. You’ll get a 99% chance that your shots will turn out good. Good- meaning well exposed (not too light and not too dark) and sharp focus.

2. When you’re in a gathering, say a wedding, a birthday party or a simple Friday get together with friends- KEEP ON SHOOTING. Your friends will be aching to change their profile pictures through your generosity. So a good head shot or half-body picture would suffice. Also, take three consecutive shots each. At least in one of those three pictures you’ll capture your friend with his/her eyes open.

3. Don’t count before you shoot. Try to say the golden word: “smile” and click. Fast and easy. If you have to beg, crack a joke to make your subject smile, but do it while you’re pointing the camera. Anticipate that 1 second laugh because you’ll lose it if you still have to point, zoom, focus and click.

4. Learn to shoot while you’re laughing. During discussions, debates, gossiping sessions- there will always be laughter in between. Teach your body to click the camera every time you laugh. Use your body as a trigger and shoot the laughing person in front of you. The pictures you’ll get will not be as great as a Manila sunset shot but your friends will treasure that moment of laughter.

5. Shoot a lot. There is no shortcut. We, professionals, make at least 1000 clicks per wedding and that can go as high as 20,000. However, we only need 200-300 good shots per wedding. I have to add, however, a good shot should  make you smile because you captured it.

6. Most friends aren’t really after earth-shattering shots, they just want to see their faces on Facebook so that they may tag themselves.

Your DSLR is your best friend. There will come a time when you’ll be able to capture a newsworthy shot and say this to yourself:  “I’m glad I had my DSLR with me when it happened.”


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  Show me the Manny23 Sep 2011

September 3, 2011

Our favorite boxer Manny Pacquaio arrived for a press conference in Manila Hotel where we were incidentally staying for “our main event of the day” – the Garcia-Villaluz wedding.

You can see him here with his bodyguards.


Manny, I’m sorry. You know my priority is to take pictures of John and Iris.


P.S. We enjoyed playing with your conference props.

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  Danly + Margie23 Sep 2011

August 17, 2011

What happens when you have two weddings both in the same month, same black & red theme, same town (Tagaytay), and of course with the same photographers?

The results are entirely DIFFERENT.

Compared to Lem & Nem’s gangsterrific day, this is softer and more laid back. Note: laid back doesn’t mean less because you will see awesome tattoos here. :)



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  Andi + Elizabeth (Part 4 – A night of celebration)23 Sep 2011

If you remember, we stopped at 6:30 PM in Part 3. Let’s continue.



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  W@W Chat21 Sep 2011

It’s my turn now! If you want to know the detailed story about how I started in photography this is for you.

The interview was very intimate. You might also hear some secrets and inside stories I haven’t shared before. Enjoy. :)

Check out the W@W Podcast page here.

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  B&W Tuesday13 Sep 2011

Sky and clouds are best shown in color especially sunset shots. But if you’re showing multiple shots of the sunset in color, it’s a good idea to mix at least 1 B&W to highlight the texture of the clouds and to break the screaming colors of the sunset.

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  911-1111 Love on Delivery11 Sep 2011

The idea behind this video is about 9/11. It’s been ten years since the big tragedy in New York and my heart goes out to those who perished and whose lives were never the same again.

So I was thinking since today is 9/11/11, instead of dwelling on hate and thinking about fear, why don’t we have fun and think about love? 911-1111 is the number of Pizza Hut delivery in the Philippines. Here’s Gan & Mark. Let us show you how pizza can turn things around.


This was NOT based on a true story, but definitely made with true love. This was NOT sponsored by Pizza Hut, but the pizza surely made us happy. We don’t advise picking up random pizza delivery guys. I’m NOT a videographer but this was very exciting and refreshing to do. :)

And I’m sorry if I made you hungry.



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  B&W Tuesday06 Sep 2011

AUGUST 27, 2011 – RV & MENCHIE. I think rain brings out real personality. If you’re grumpy, it will show. And if you accept that rain is just rain, then your outlook will shine through.

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  Spot the difference04 Sep 2011

These pictures were taken on the same day. Before my wedding shoot, this group, including the “guardia sibil” were all smiles. They were allowed to have their pictures taken. But after the wedding, when it was our turn, we were told by the officers that we needed a permit. What gives? How come the first group was allowed to take pics and we weren’t?

My mind cannot process this phenomenon.

Do I need to include the officers in the pictorial for a Go signal?

Is there a secret password I don’t know about?

Do I need to wear yellow as well?

Where can I enroll for hypnotism training?

Am I not charming enough?

I respect the officers, I respect rules. But some clarity would be much appreciated. Please enlighten me on this, friends. :) I really want to know why, why and why.

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