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  Tanduay Rhum Rockfest20 Oct 2011

Let’s take a little break from wedding-related stuff. I took the opportunity of being invited to this rockfest last week to take some pictures.


Before 6PM, the crowd looked like this.


Then, this was the crowd less than anĀ  hour later. It was packed! You see that steel contraption in the middle? That’s the control booth. Doesn’t it look scary?


The one and only Cookie Chua.


The cool people of Sandwich


Yano’s Dong Abay performed with Sandwich. This man knows how to use his body.


The Youth


Rico Blanco


The OPM (Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mangaawit) officers gave a toast to Tanduay’s support for Filipino music.


Two very powerful men. The bouncer’s stance commanded discipline while Bamboo’s charm and talent captivated everybody.


There was also Sampaguita. The crowd’s energy remained high even if the songs are old.


Jay Contreras of Kamikazee is a whole different story. He is magnetic. But the most unforgettable part of the night is this:


Jay asked Bords Burdeos’ girlfriend to come to the center of the stage so they could have a picture together with thousands of concertgoers. Suddenly she found Bords on his knees with a ring asking her to marry him. She said yes. :)

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  Behind the scenes19 Oct 2011

The set of pictures I’m about to share with you typically happens for every wedding- it’s just that we, photographers, typically, only show the picture perfect parts. These are the details behind the details. Get it? Wedding suppliers really sweat the smallest stuff to ensure a successful wedding celebration.

Our story starts at 12 noon. Mark & Gan’s wedding reception is at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. I checked out the the Rigodon Ballroom to see what’s happening there.


It’s still a work in progress. It’s still very early anyway.


Meanwhile, another bride is making her exit. She’s ready to go to her wedding ceremony.


I don’t know why a bear suddenly appeared at the lobby. Is it a sign that everything will go as planned for Mark & Gan?


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  Extra04 Oct 2011

This is the last set for Andi & Elizabeth’s amazing Bali wedding. We had one whole day to take pictures of the newly married couple. I like to believe we had Bali all to ourselves, or at least the fancy, breathtaking places. Here’s something to put the extra in extraordinary. We just can’t get enough of these two.



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