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  B&W Tuesday29 Nov 2011

This is a creative exercise. Let’s think of other words to describe this picture other than “cute.”

I wonder what words you’ll come up with. :)

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  “That’s so Indonesian!”28 Nov 2011

eddie - andreana - 1123

Before I share Eddie and Andreana’s intricately beautiful wedding in Bali, let’s talk about traditions. I remember walking with Eddie and Andreana to check out the reception and she said, “Oh Gosh! Please hide that. That’s so Indonesian!” Yes, she’s referring to the colorful greeting above.

I don’t think it’s because she’s ashamed of being an Indonesian. Otherwise, they wouldn’t come back to Indonesia, right? She had an amazing set of props that revolved around traveling the world. They are passionate travelers so they wanted to reflect that into the decorations. I understand how the colorful greeting didn’t really go with the vintage travel paraphernalia.

eddie - andreana - 1614

It makes me think about how we are all free to invent our own traditions. For example, Eddie and Andreana made it a habit, once they got married, to call each other honey.

eddie - andreana - 0173

It’s very sweet. You can’t really argue too fiercely if you always use the word honey. Brilliant!

eddie - andreana - 4137

Also, I think they may have started a tradition of running. They kept running all over the place. They entered and exited each venue running so we had to run as well.

How about you? Is there a wedding tradition you would like to do without? :)

Tip to my future couples: We would appreciate a little clue if you are going to do so. Or if there are surprises you’ve planned for your guests. We can keep secrets! :)

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  The dentist is your friend24 Nov 2011

And I mean it literally.


One of my brides accidentally chipped a tooth. Luckily, she had a dentist friend as part of her entourage. In just a few minutes, the day was saved. Thanks to this wonderful dentist in a  gangster-chic dress.

This gives us enough reason to resolve our dental phobia.

In the future, dentists will be a part of the list of wedding suppliers.


I know some people might say I can just Photoshop her tooth. While a tooth can be Photoshopped, an awkward smile cannot be repaired. The dentist not only saved my bride from being conscious and bothered by her tooth but the dentist also saved me about a hundred hours of editing each picture. :)

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  B&W Tuesday22 Nov 2011

“You may now kiss the bride.”

I only get my wedding tradition history fix during the reception via knowledgeable emcees. What about traditions during the ceremony? Let me do it for you. :)

We have the Romans to thank for the kiss. Under Roman law, a kiss legally binds the couple. So sharing a kiss at the altar really means you’re sealing the deal.

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  Jondi + Iris17 Nov 2011

September 3, 2011

This is the cute couple from the Manny Pacquiao post. This shows only love, they won’t be boxing here. :)



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  B&W Tuesday15 Nov 2011

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 – JOEL & AZA. Drama can always be created. This was taken inside the limo while Aza was having her makeup retouched before her 6pm wedding ceremony. Notice how it looks so dark like it was taken at 7 or 8pm.

Christmastime is fast approaching. I hope I can find time to shop for presents! Have you started yours yet?

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  One11 Nov 2011

We only have one goal. Our goal is to produce pictures that reflect these adjectives:


Today we were bombarded with a series of 1s because 11/11/11 is a once in a lifetime date. Everybody had something to say. Everybody had something special to release. Some tried the numbers in the lottery. We are jumping the bandwagon here by exaggerating the meaning of the date. But I think “jumping the bandwagon” can be a rare opportunity to reinforce something. For us, it is essential to go back to basics. ONE GOAL.

(One mission? Visions of one sweet union? :) Now the Queen’s One Vision won’t stop playing in my head. P.S. It’s a great song.)

I hope you had a great 11/11/11. I was at a wedding so I did. :)

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  B&W Tuesday08 Nov 2011


I remember on this particular wedding that we were ignoring the black clouds thinking we’d be done with the pictorial when it starts to rain.


But no.

I chose these pictures to emphasize the amount of dark clouds enveloping us and how the first raindrops didn’t take the swagger out of Lem.


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  Let the games begin02 Nov 2011

Wedding reception games are becoming more interesting nowadays. Gone are the simple tossing of the garter and bouquet.

Now it’s essential that you have basic sewing skills.


Maybe wrestling skills can be useful, too, to secure your place on some lucky man’s lap.


And sometimes, things get reaaally interesting that youngsters must close their eyes.



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  RV + Menchie02 Nov 2011

Weddings this year are at the mercy of La Niña phenomenon. Heavy rains, and more heavy rains have become my friends. I’m happy to say that my couples also don’t treat rain as an enemy. RV & Menchie’s wedding was no exception. From start to finish, it rained. But from start to finish, they focused solely on embracing their day.



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