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  B&W Tuesday27 Mar 2012

Water is dynamic with its countless ripples and light bouncing around the curves. Same vitality also applies to the human form- in this case, our carefree bride Emma, with her graceful movement and her gleeful emotion. Absence of color heightened the presence of everything else.

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  Pool party24 Mar 2012

Hello summer! Yesterday, Manila hit its hottest temperature of the year (so far) at 34.7 degrees Celsius. No wonder I’ve been witnessing a lot of pool parties lately. These pictures are from Mark and Jill’s Post Nup pictorial. Jump in! :)

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  Oliver + Catherine16 Mar 2012


October 30, 2011 – We have featured a couple of pics from this wedding in a post last December because of it being playful. Now we’re showing you the whole wedding story with a Domo timeline. Domo arigato, Oliver and Catherine.


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  It’s hip to be square // Jason + Maria04 Mar 2012

A square encourages balance and a sense of harmony.

Squares are all around us in delightful forms such as pizza boxes, vinyl records, and our own Digital Storybook. *wink*

Why square? Back in 2002, most photographers produced 11×14 albums because it was the most efficient thing to do since the photo paper is the same size. I used 12×18 paper only to cut six inches of space to make it 12×12. But I thought wasted paper is better than wasted vision. I like the beauty of a panoramic two-page spread. I like balance and simplicity. It was an unpopular choice at the time but I went for it.

Nowadays, our unpopular choice is actually popular. It is now the standard among most photographers.

To celebrate 10 years worth of success on the albums here’s a fair and square wedding post for you.  A cool mohawk awaits.



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