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  B&W Tuesday28 Aug 2012


If you are a guest in a wedding, cheering for the couple to kiss after exiting the church is fun. It is good for the pictures and the couple as well.

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  The First Kiss21 Aug 2012

There are actually three different time slots for the first kiss depending on the priest or church.

One is the most common of all: end the ceremony -> kiss -> sign the contract.


Another kind is to kiss in the middle of the ceremony, even before the veil and cord parts.


And the last one is to sign the contract first. And then finally kiss. :)


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  B&W Tuesday // Throwing the fan21 Aug 2012

The fan is part of a Chinese wedding custom. The bride will throw away the fan out the window once the bridal car sets off. This signifies throwing her bad temper away.

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  What happens at 3pm?17 Aug 2012



At 3:05 PM, the bride is having her beauty shots done at a hotel.




At 3:24 PM, the groom beams and shows us his two thumbs up as he sees the love of his life walking towards him.




At the very same time, a couple is being showered by fragrant petals as they exit the church.




At 3:29 PM, a kiss is passionately shared to seal the deal.




At 3:31 PM, a couple is in the middle of the ceremony with the groom adjusting his wife-to-be’s veil.




At 3:34 PM, a bride is on her way to a garden ceremony, after finishing the church ceremony. Yes, some choose both! :)




At 3:36 PM, vows are being exchanged and guests sneak some shots for Facebook.




At 3:43 PM, some couples are already having their pictorial taken.




At 3:45 PM, a bride has just arrived and is ready to exit the bridal car.




At 3:52 PM, a groom is yet to wear his handsome suit.




At 3:54 PM, a couple may already be at the reception playing with their beautiful props.

Ideally, 3PM is a good time to start the wedding ceremony so there is plenty of time for a pictorial before the reception. In retrospect, be it a morning, afternoon or an evening wedding, something interesting always happens in this magic hour.

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  What I Do Best: Beauty16 Aug 2012

Dear Beautiful Bride,

Please forgive me if I will say in jest that hairpins need to be anchored deep into your brain to hold the veil. It is a recycled joke that always ends in laughter. A smile is generally enough but laughter is a welcomed bonus. It projects a subtle animation.

In this sampler of my prized beauty shots, you will see something simple and real. This is what I do best: to show beauty that radiates. A sublime mix of energy and character. Something dynamic and more than just a pretty face.

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  Aries + Jench15 Aug 2012


Enjoy this wedding filled with black and white moments. Also, get ready to be captivated by our beautiful bride.


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  On cellphone cameras14 Aug 2012


Wow I’m famous! Just kidding. The groomsmen were actually taking pictures of the groom using their cellphones.

And then fast forward to our sunset pictorial and I found myself whipping up my phone just like the groomsmen.


Voila. My version of an iPhone sunset taken and uploaded within seconds.

Amazing! I’m sure technology will make it much easier for us to strengthen our power to connect.

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  B&W Tuesday14 Aug 2012


With his right hand extended, the priest recited a powerful prayer for the couple. What a moment.

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  Engagement Rings11 Aug 2012


It is De Beers that we can blame for their marketing genius that the ideal cost for an engagement ring should be two month’s worth of salary of the groom-to-be. Most people follow this rule, and sometimes other wealthy grooms even outdo the norm.


Knowing that a lot of money and sacrifice were carefully invested on these shiny things inspire me to make them seem bigger.

More than monetary equivalent is love. As for me, I like to amplify love.

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  Sunlight is on the way09 Aug 2012

The terrible rains we experienced in Manila dampened so many people physically and emotionally. But today, I’m happy that we experience more sunshine than rain for a change.

The picture above is taken in one of those pockets of sunlight we had in between rains. It still ended in a happily ever after way, of course. Much like how it is in life. Let’s recover together. Sunlight is on the way. :)


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