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  Raymond + Sheila31 Oct 2012


Favorites: How our bride Sheila’s beauty really shines in B&W. Raymond and Sheila’s cute after wedding pictorial. Non-singles game at the reception.


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  Alan + Tet30 Oct 2012


What is more memorable than a yellow Lamborghini for a bridal car? Widespread love. Notice the people around Alan and Tet. Witness them get this contagious thing called love.

This wedding story is much too beautiful. Lots of black and white shots. Filled to the brim with moments.


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  Phillip + Annlo27 Oct 2012


Always ready to smile, Phillip and Annlo made the mood of their wedding very light. If they were nervous at all, it never showed. :) I love happy people.


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  Ray + Emma22 Oct 2012


Let me count the many fond memories I still remember during Ray and Emma’s wedding.

1. Acuatico Beach Resort’s perfect blue sky.

2. Emma’s beautiful candid moments.

3. The ceremony witnessed the beautiful transition from day to night.

4. Ray and Emma’s compelling moment setting out fire lanterns on the beach.

5.The couple and the kids do the dougie.

6. When Ray and Emma, the bridesmaids and groomsmen all jump into the swimming pool!!

Actually, feel free to disregard my biases, this wedding is a big feast for the senses. Enjoy the dive!


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  Marc + Jill12 Oct 2012


Pink as a theme color is quite famous, but I love the play on other pastel colors Marc and Jill used for their entourage. Very photogenic.

Also, make sure to slow down at 1:44 PM. :) An extra cute moment is waiting for you.


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  Ryan + Kristine08 Oct 2012


There are many ways to play with color. Please enjoy Ryan and Kristine’s subtle yellow details amid a sea of touching moments.


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  DJ + Katia08 Oct 2012


Warning: There is so much beauty in this post. :) But hey, it is one of the things I do best.


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  Bouquet Toss03 Oct 2012


Tossing the bouquet, or in this case bouquets, need not be traditional. I am a fan of doing things in the name of fun.

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  Giro + Christel03 Oct 2012


Giro and Christel has such cool and bubbly personalities that I bet you would be smiling as you scroll through their wedding’s timeline. :)


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